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  • 3 Benefits of Integrating Social Media with Your Contact Center

    by Danielle Wong | Oct 2, 2019, 08:22 PM

    More and more customers are turning to social media when contacting an organization. They are using the communication platforms they use in their everyday lives and expect increased customer service when their issues are exposed in public. The expectations have gone from waiting to hear back through emails exchanges to instant responses and fluid back and forth conversations with contact center agents.

  • Using Omnichannel Communications to Accelerate Ticket Sales Through your Contact Center

    by Danielle Wong | Sep 13, 2019, 11:44 AM

    Follow Fan Fred below as he interacts with his favorite sports team, the iceville Beavers. See how the iceville Beavers enhanced Fan Fred’s experience throughout the season which lead to increased ticket sales.

  • How to Overcome Your Customers' Frustrations When Contacting Your Organization

    by Danielle Wong | Sep 4, 2019, 02:36 PM

    Last autumn, my colleague and I conducted an internal survey asking ComputerTalk staff, "What is your biggest pain point when contacting an organization?" We found that many pain points can easily be solved with simple contact center features and don’t require complex solution overhauls. Your customers might have experienced some of these pain points when contacting your organization. Here are some simple and easy ways to overcome those challenges:

  • ice and Microsoft Teams migration

    by Chris Bardon | Aug 27, 2019, 09:14 AM

    If Microsoft Teams is your organization’s final destination, there are many paths to get there and several resources online that can help guide you through the process. There are factors to consider such as whether or not to use calling plans or direct routing, how and when to migrate Skype for Business users’ meetings, and how to stage upgrades so that users can still collaborate while in different upgrade modes.




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