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Modern Microsoft Teams Contact Center

ice Contact Center logoSolution certified for Microsoft Teams

Seamlessly integrate with existing applications and bridge the gap from legacy infrastructure to Microsoft Teams. ice is a Microsoft Teams native all-in-one cloud contact center platform certified under the Extend model.

For those who aren't ready to switch to Microsoft Teams, ComputerTalk supports non-Teams users who are still on legacy PBX solutions.




Benefits of an Extended Microsoft Teams contact center

Optimize agent efficiencies

Save agents’ time by providing interaction controls and contextual information within the Microsoft Teams interface. ice Contact Center users can handle all communication channels within Microsoft Teams.

Enhance the customer experience

Agents can easily view previous interaction history and open CRM tickets to resolve customer issues quickly.

Empower back office users

Expand the call handling functionality to subject matter experts (SMEs) throughout the organization. Enable a more digitally agile workforce to perform a mix of customer engagement and traditional back-office tasks during the day.

React to service metrics

Quickly respond to changing service metrics through actionable alerts from iceMonitor presented to a Microsoft Teams channel. Make informed business decisions and strategize for the future with hundreds of configurable reports.

Enable voice disaster recovery

Not ready to move your contact center to Microsoft Teams voice? Agents can use ice Contact Center with Teams and a PSTN connection. Or use Microsoft Teams voice with PSTN back-up. Continue receiving and answering calls even if Microsoft Teams goes down.

Migrate seamlessly

Seamlessly migrate contact center users from Skype for Business or a legacy PBX platform to Microsoft Teams. ice Contact Center bridges the gap, allowing organizations to migrate telephony platforms at their own pace while retaining a familiar contact center interface.

ComputerTalk's benefits

Built with decades of industry experience

ComputerTalk has over 30 years of experience designing and supporting cloud enterprise-grade contact centers and a 15+ year strong relationship partnering and integrating with Microsoft.

Design a solution to meet your needs

With end-to-end consulting available, work with the ComputerTalk team to design a unique Microsoft Teams contact center solution that meets your changing organizational requirements.

What our customers say

Bob Barker logo

“The product is easy to use, easy to troubleshoot, and easy to administer. And when in doubt, easy to contact customer service on!”

- Michelle Corbett, Cybersecurity Specialist at Bob Barker

Magnetek logo

“We're going from an environment where the phone would ring, and everyone would look around to see if someone was going to answer it, to having the capabilities and visibility that our supervisor and tier 2 team can watch and step in and help as needed.”

- Crystal Goodwill, Administrative Assistant for Aftermarket Services at Magnetek

Connect with your customers the way they want

Reach customers where it is most convenient, whether through voice, web chat, email, social media, chatbots, or other means.

As new communication channels are added to your organization, agents will continue to use the same tools they are familiar with, reducing the training gap to learn new software.

ice Contact Center with Microsoft Teams capabilities

Actionable alerts in Microsoft Teams channel

ice Contact Center can present actionable alerts from iceMonitor to a Microsoft Teams channel. Supervisors and users can quickly react to the alerts within Microsoft Teams, efficiently resolving issues.

Schedule and publish reports directly to a Microsoft Teams channel

Users can schedule and publish ice reports to a Microsoft Teams channel for immediate viewing and discussion. Set up the reports to be sent to Microsoft Teams within iceReporting the same way you would to any email address.

iceManager within Microsoft Teams

Embed the iceManager suite as a tab within Microsoft Teams to retain all your contact center features within one application. Access monitoring tools, reports, recordings, and evaluations.

Direct Connect for users

Direct Connect gives organizations an alternative to Microsoft Teams federation. It uses Microsoft Teams Direct Routing to enable calls to be routed to Teams-based agents using a managed SBC network. With faster call setup times than federation, ice Contact Center allows agents to handle all interactions directly in the Microsoft Teams client of their choice.

Agent interfaces

ice Contact Center offers 3 interfaces to accommodate your personalized requirements – a thin stand-alone toolbar, a web version, and integrated within Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams contact center certified - Extend model


ComputerTalk is one of Microsoft's first partners to have completed the Microsoft Teams Connected Contact Center Certification Program. With rigorous security and compliance testing, this certification ensures that ice Contact Center is reliable, high-quality, and a compatible Microsoft solution that customers can trust.

Microsoft enables 3 models of integration with Microsoft Teams. ComputerTalk integrates with Microsoft Teams using the Extend model. This model allows us to offer a close integration with Microsoft Teams while retaining the advanced enterprise-class features and functionalities not currently available in the Microsoft Teams SDK that our clients depend on. Our contact center agents and SMEs can handle calls, IMs, and emails through the Microsoft Teams client while visibility into the interactions is retained for recording, monitoring, and reporting.

Integrate 3rd party applications for personalized customer experiences

Provide personalized customer experiences while optimizing agent efficiencies with a CRM or ticketing integration. Automatically populate your application with interaction data and screen pop the information to the agent. This enables agents to provide quick and accurate customer service.


All the powerful tools you need to run your Microsoft Teams contact center efficiently

ice Contact Center logo

ice Contact Center modules include real-time monitoring and analytics, historical reporting, chatbots, recording, surveys, and more.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

Make dynamic business decisions by enabling supervisors to monitor queues, users, and teams in real-time.

Historical reporting

Historical reporting

Equip supervisors with the data they need to make informed decisions and strategize for the future.



Improve service to your customers by understanding their needs through survey automation.

Recording and transcripts

Recording & transcripts

Ensure your organization is compliant and improve training with recordings and transcripts.



Provide fast, accurate service and information by automating and streamlining the customer journey.

Outbound dialer

Outbound dialer

Automate outbound dialing to maximize user talk time and productivity.

Interaction workflow designer

Interaction workflow designer

Customize all of your interaction flows across all modality channels in one tool.

Every ice Contact Center solution is unique, designed and configured to meet your changing organizational needs

With over 30 years of industry experience, ComputerTalk is here to work with you to configure your Microsoft Teams contact center solution.

Success story

Cost reduction

Bob Barker Company, America’s leading detention supplier, migrated their call centers from Cisco Unified Communications to ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center with Teams. The move to the cloud saved the company $180,000 per year in infrastructure; empowered the call center manager with enhanced capabilities to manage her team more effectively; and provided real-time insights and better control to individual customer service agents through an intuitive interface. The company-wide move to Microsoft 365 unified the company’s communication platform, enabling better customer service and increased innovation opportunities.

Discover why organizations are modernizing their call center with ice Contact Center

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