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Easy to use interface where users can handle any type of multimedia interaction.

This powerful toolbar comes equipped with a set of powerful features, designed to improve agent effectiveness and optimize customer experience. Within iceBar, agents can effortlessly switch between media types, while maintaining the same, familiar ice experience.


ComputerTalk offers a desktop and web-based version of iceBar.

iceBar for Teams

Agents can handle interactions directly within the Teams client without installing additional applications. This feature allows agents to handle all interactions in one place. Additionally, contact center agents and SMEs can gain visibility into all interactions for recording, monitoring, and reporting.

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iceBar for Desktop

The desktop version of iceBar is highly customizable to create a positive user experience. The slim design sits at the top of the screen. Users have the option to dock their iceBar so it will always sit on top of their other application.

iceBar for Web

iceBar for web has a similar design to the desktop version. The web version is a thin bar that sits at the top of the iceManager website no matter which page you navigate to. iceBar for web allows users to handle interactions without the need to install iceBar on their computer or mobile device.


Minimize training.

All modalities are handled through iceBar. When your organization adds a new channel, the users will not need additional training. They continue to use the same iceBar features and functionalities that they are used to.

If your organization is in the middle of migrating your PBX or planning a migration in the future, ice users will continue to use ice the same way. The is no need to retrain users on how to handle interactions.

iceBar benefits.

checkmark-greenOptimize customer experience with the slim design of iceBar.

checkmark-greenIncrease user efficiency through configurable iceBar options.

checkmark-greenReduce costs associated with training agents to handle additional modalities.

checkmark-greenProvide superior customer experience by providing agents with valuable information through contact detail.

iceBar features.

  • Full contact details
  • Queue statistics 
  • Login/logoff
  • Select state and not ready reason
  • Multi-contact handling
  • Conference, consult, and transfer
  • Multiparty conference
  • Tagging with LOB and resolution codes
  • Screen pop
  • Silent monitor, coaching, and barge-in
  • Agent-initiated recording and recording privacy
  • Emergency notices
  • Advanced presence states
  • Quick text message