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"Customer churn is caused by customer feelings of poor treatment 68% of the time".

Make sure your customers always feels like they are getting the best treatment with ice Contact Center. Customer service has evolved over the years from basic voice IVR systems to complex multimedia interactions. Organization are now able to offer customer service through voice, web chat, email, social media, SMS, and video with embed media-based product information, images, and buttons. Retail handles significant amounts of customer communications, including requests, complaints and returns. ice Contact Center enables advanced contact center applications that allow organizations to manage contacts as they enter the contact center, ensuring they are handled quickly and effectively.

Sample Applications

  • Account Inquiry
  • Call Routing
  • Customer Web Chat
  • FAQs
  • Payment Processing
  • Premium Account Queueing
  • Product Information
  • Omnichannel Routing
  • Customer Service


Banking and Financial is the world’s only enterprise-class, Skype for Business native cloud contact center.

Unified becomes universal. Imagine a world where customers can reach you from any device, on any channel, anywhere and anytime.


Unify your customer experience across all touchpoints.


Make interactions effortless.


Engaging customer conversations.


Enhanced Routing for Premium Accounts Application

A leading multinational corporation that produces over 60,000 different products uses ice to streamline customer service for their premium accounts without negatively impacting their other customers. Regular customers are routed based on the nature of their requests, whereas premium customers are routed to specific agents with the appropriate skill level. ice facilitates the personalized premium customer experience by recognizing callers by phone number and/or company name. This ensures that all customers receive the level of support they need.

CRM Integration Application

A consumer goods company provides customer service for clients across multiple communication platforms. Agents can link customer CRM proļ¬les to provide contextual information and customer interaction history such as order numbers across channels. This enables agents to better engage in conversations with customers and reduce the interaction duration by having the information on hand.

By having the information on hand, agent are able to better engage in conversations and reduce the interaction duration.

Customer Info Screen Pop Application

A retail company is able to offer superior customer service by using ice to provide their agents with detailed information. This information, delivered via screen pops on agent desktops, includes purchase history, account information, previous call details, notes, and actions. Agents can update this information, to ensure that agents who work with this client in the future can base their customer service decisions on reliable and up-to-date information.