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The power of unification.
The power of ice.

ice Contact Center is an all-in-one platform which offers seamless contact center operations and the ability to customize your contact center for industry-specific needs.

Below are the contact center modules which form ice. Click on one of the modules to learn more about it.



Within iceAdministrator, add and remove users and queues, as well as manage all the contact center administrative settings. Change settings on the fly to ensure your contact center operations are running smoothly.



A customizable IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system that allows organizations to automate and streamline their customer's journey to provide faster and more accurate service and information. With ComputerTalk's IVR solutions organizations can automate routine tasks such as retrieving account balances, changing account information, and checking business hours, locations, and web addresses.



As a PCI compliant service, icePay allows organizations to accept credit card payments without needing to store any sensitive cardholder data in their environments.




An easy-to-use interaction management toolbar. iceBar allows contact center users to handle interactions from all media channels, view queue stats, pick up queued contacts, input reason for call codes, and access CRM information, increasing visibility and simplifying data collection. Team leads and supervisors can silently monitor, coach, and barge-in.



Provide contact center users with access to their interaction history. iceJournal comes equipped with a variety of filter and search options to easily find interactions. When viewing a contact in iceJournal, users can see key information about each interaction including duration, channel, contact info, chat and email transcripts, and user notes.



A versatile reporting tool that provides access over 100 configurable reports, equipping you with the data you need to make informed business decisions and effectively strategize for the future.



Proactively reach out to your customers and prospects. Depending on your needs, ice Campaign provides four campaign types: preview, progressive, predictive, and outbound IVR. Within this module, you can configure outbound campaigns, as well as adding and managing users and lists for your campaign.


iceMobile Connect

Embed chat functionality within your mobile app for a seamless communication experience. Customers can interact with the contact center directly within your app, while contact center users receive the messages the same way as IMs.



Design, test, publish, and analyze surveys to gain actionable insights and understand customers’ needs. iceSurvey provides contact center administrators with the power to create surveys for voice, IM, and email using simple, browser-based tools.



Providing a web chat option directly from your website enables a quick and easy channel for your customers to reach you. As a highly configurable tool, iceChat allows for visual and functional configurations to match your branding guidelines.



A dashboard display of real-time information, giving you a view of the entire contact center. The highly configurable iceMonitor dashboard enables you to monitor and address issues as they arise.


iceWorkflow Designer

A powerful drag-and-drop graphical editor that makes it easy to design and change workflows for all modalities. Create simple flows like conditional routing and call back in queue, or more complex applications like updating databases, pulling CRM packages, and speaking search results back to callers.



ice Contact Center comes packaged with dozens of pre-built connectors to your favorite platforms, including Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and common ticketing software. On top of the pre-built connectors, ice can integrate with nearly any platform, including your own homegrown software, using tailor-made connectors. These integrations help you provide personalized customer experience while optimizing agent efficiencies.


How we help customers

ice Contact Center for Microsoft Teams completely ties into email and everything Microsoft 365 offers. All the hooks for our entire ecosystem are there. Where before it was 3 or 4 systems you had to work around in, now it’s all connected.

Randy Robbins, Director of Information Technology
Bob Barker Company

We brought in ice knowing we could connect with our CRM. Building something that truly integrated the CRM and contact center sounded nice in theory, but it is even better in practice.

- Crystal Goodwill
Administrative Assistant for Aftermarket Services at Magnetek

ComputerTalk’s infrastructure handled the election extremely well, as evidenced by our fully functional call center that had zero incident execution on polling day. I was able to track all calls and agents, and redirect calls to other queues or add queues when things picked up. Reports were generated so quickly - instantaneously - enabling us to monitor volumes and status at all times.

- John L. Hollins, Chief Election Officer
Elections Ontario

We're going from an environment where the phone would ring and everyone would look around to see if someone was going to answer it, or say "I'm working on something, can someone else get it?" to having the capabilities and visibility that our supervisor and tier 2 team can watch and step in and help as needed.

- Crystal Goodwill
Administrative Assistant for Aftermarket Services at Magnetek

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