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Transform your customer experience with an all-in-one omnichannel contact center.


ice Contact Center advantage

Benefits of using ice Contact Center

Increase the reach of your organizations with Omnichannel

Enable customers to reach you where it is most convenient for them by adding voice, web chat, IM, email, video, social media, SMS, and bots to your contact center.

Reduce costs

Eliminate expensive infrastructure and upkeep costs by moving your contact center to the cloud.

Adapt to changing business requirements

Consistently optimize the customer experience using data gained through real-time monitoring and historical reporting tools.

Deliver personalized customer experiences

Provide fast, personalized, and consistent customer experiences by integrating CRM into the contact center and bringing all relevant customer information into one place.

Configure a unique solution

ComputerTalk has over 30 years of industry experience designing, delivering, and supporting enterprise-grade cloud contact centers to meet unique business requirements.

Leverage your existing telephony platform

Choose the telephony vendor that best meets your corporate requirements, whether it’s Microsoft Teams or another PBX. ice extends the value or your investments and allows you to migrate at your own pace.

What our customers say

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"“The fact that our Customer Service Manager and Supervisors know how to add/remove people from queues and workgroups, run their own reports, and report their own issues to ComputerTalk helps to take IT out of the equation. That is a big time saver for them and for IT.”

- Michelle Corbett, IT Operations Lead at Bob Barker


"We're going from an environment where the phone would ring and everyone would look around to see if someone was going to answer it, to having the capabilities and visibility that our supervisor and tier 2 team can watch and step in and help as needed."

- Crystal Goodwill, Administrative Assistant for Aftermarket services at Magnetek

Contact Center modules

Power of ice


Real-time monitoring

Make dynamics business decisions by enabling supervisors to monitor queues, users, and teams in real-time.

Historical reporting

Equip supervisors with the data they need to make informed decisions and effectively strategize for the future.


Reach customers where it is most convenient for them, whether through voice, video, web chat, email, social media, chatbots, or other means.

Recording & transcripts

Ensure your organization is compliant and improve training with recordings and transcripts.

Chatbots and AI

Free up agents’ time with a natural language chatbot that can answer routine questions, check or make changes to accounts, or transfer to an agent.

PCI payment processing

Accept credit card payments without needing to store any sensitive cardholder data in your environment.

Mobile integration

Embed chat functionality within your mobile app for a seamless communication experience.

Discover why organizations are modernizing their call center with ice.


Enhance customer experience, increase efficiency, and reduce call duration by ensuring contact center users are prepared for any interaction. Seamlessly share information between ice Contact Center and Salesforce to enable agents to best serve customers.

Optimize customer experience, save time from manual entry, and screen pop contextual information with a Dynamics 365 integration. Equip agents with the information they need to provide exceptional and personalized service to customers.

Streamline customer service delivery and enhance the interaction experience across channels by adding automation and personalization. ice Contact Center with ServiceNow brings powerful contact center capabilities to the dynamic ticketing platform.


ComputerTalk has dozens of pre-built connectors designed to quickly integrate a number of tools with ice Contact Center.

Other solutions

Looking for a Microsoft Teams contact center?

Bring your unified communications and contact center together with ice Contact Center with Teams. 

ComputerTalk is one of Microsoft's first partners to have completed the Microsoft Teams Connected Contact Center Certification Program. ComputerTalk integrates with Microsoft Teams using the Extend model. This model allows us to offer a close integration with Teams while retaining the advanced enterprise-class features and functionalities that our clients depend on. Contact center agents and SMEs can handle calls, IMs, and emails through the Teams client while visibility into the interactions is retained for recording, monitoring, and reporting.

Why ComputerTalk?

Every ice Contact Center solution is unique, designed and configured to meet your changing organization needs.

With over 30 years of industry experience, ComputerTalk is here to work with you to configure your contact center solution.

Success story

Staff reduction with a custom chatbot

A Global Bank based out of Britain who provides retail banking services along with corporate and investment banking services was operating a large internal contact center for their IT help desk. While necessary, the contact center had significant staffing requirements and was costly to run, cutting into profits. They decided to seek out a modernized contact center solution and they found ComputerTalk. With ice, their contact center was integrated with a custom chatbot that could handle inquiries like a live agent. The integration enabled them to reduce contact center staffing needs by over 50% over the course of 3 years, providing significant costs savings and a boost in profitability.

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Discover why organizations are modernizing their call center with ice

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