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ComputerTalk enables manufacturing companies to deliver product support and serve customer needs during their entire project process.

By implementing ice Contact Center, manufacturers can optimize their process enhancements and prioritize tasks based on real-time information. This puts customers' minds at ease, knowing that they will be helped out as soon as possible. Ultimately, communication with clients is crucial as it affects the operations of both manufacturers and their clients. ice provides a unified communication solution, allowing manufacturers to distribute calls globally as many have multiple distribution sites in different geographic locations. 

Sample Applications

  • Call Routing
  • Distribute Calls Geographically
  • Help Desk
  • Product Support
  • Repair and Technical Support Service


Banking and Financial is the world’s only enterprise-class, Skype for Business native cloud contact center.

Unified becomes universal. Imagine a world where customers can reach you from any device, on any channel, anywhere and anytime.


Unify your customer experience across all touchpoints.


Make interactions effortless.


Engaging customer conversations.


Help Desk for Electronics Manufacturer Application

A global electronic components manufacturer uses ice to power their internal help desk, which supports 50,000 employees around the world. A unique feature of this contact center application is that non-Teams users can ask for help via web chat. This makes requesting assistance more convenient. When they start a web chat session, employees are asked a series of questions before they are connected to agents. Based on their answers, ice is able to determine the type of assistance they need and routes them to the best-suited agent. Once connected to the employee, the agent receives details around the employee's request and can start processing it right away.

Help Desk for Pipeline Manufacturer Application

A pipeline manufacturer uses ice to improve the quality of customer service that is delivered to their help desk. ice improved response times from 30 minutes to 18 seconds within 72 hours of going live by providing robust skills-based call routing and auto attendant functionality. Due to this dramatic improvement, this company is implementing ice in their external customer service and sales department contact centers.

Help Desk for Global Construction Firm Application

A global water engineering and construction firm chose ice as their global help desk platform, supporting the entire company's applications. This firm required support for remote agents -- team members are in all parts of the world (India, Latin America, and the US) while the server is in the UK. ice provides remote agents the support they required to manage the company’s operations, which spans over 180 offices in 35 countries, with 7000 employees. This mission-critical solution ensures that support is available 24/7.