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iceWorkflow Designer

Create a seamless customer journey into your organization and across every channel and modality.

iceWorkflow Designer is a powerful and flexible tool that makes it easy to construct customer experience flows across multiple channels of communication – including voice, email, web chat, IM, SMS, and social media.


Make instant changes or build entirely new applications to meet your evolving business needs.

The intuitive iceWorkflow Designer equips you with the capability to make instant changes or build entirely new applications to meet your evolving business needs.  Combine elements of conditional call routing, skills-based routing, self-service automation, and intelligent queueing to build seamless interaction flows across multiple communication channels. Details of every interaction handled by iceWorkflow Designer are logged and reported on, and the interaction’s media stream can be archived for compliance or quality assurance.

The tool’s intuitive graphics allow you to visualize development as it happens; simply ‘drag and drop’ icons to create your own workflows.

iceWorkflow Designer benefits.

checkmark-greenOur powerful drag-and-drop graphical editors make it easy to design and change processes based on your changing organizational needs, without the need of an application developer.

checkmark-greenCustomize all of your interaction flows across all modality channels in one tool.

iceWorkflow Designer features.

checkmark-greenVisio-like UI allows you to visualize the interaction path.

checkmark-greenWith advanced training, configure applications such as self-service automation, CRM interoperability and screen pops, and enabling speech-driven caller experiences.

checkmark-greenArchivable media stream for compliance or quality assurance purposes.

Sample Workflows.

  • Queuing and overflow for any modality (Voice, email, IM, web chat, video, social media, SMS)
  • Time of day routing
  • DNIS routing
  • Priority queueing
  • Queued call treatment
  • Voicemail in queue
  • Call back in queue
  • Provide estimated wait time and position in queue
  • Auto-attendant
  • Night mode
  • Broadcast message activation/deactivation/maintenance
  • Remote pre-recorded message maintenance
  • Skills routing
  • Quality random recording
  • Database query and update