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iceAlert Automated Messaging for Health

Improve patient care and reduce no-shows through proactive communication.

Appropriate staffing and utilization of services are crucial to an organization in the healthcare industry. 20% of patients miss appointments, leading to overstaffing and underutilization of services. Solving this problem is as simple as sending a reminder. iceAlert is the key to ensuring patients show up for appointments.


Check out these stats that showcase the value of iceAlert to healthcare organizations:



in no-shows.


 Phone message
reach rate.


Patient satisfaction rating.

Traditional methods of combating no-shows include:

x-closeOverbooking patients, which creates longer wait times for patients.

x-closeManual calling to remind patients of their appointments, which requires additional resources and time to call each patient. This effort could be better spent focused on patient care.

iceAlert benefits.

checkmark-greenQuick ROI.

checkmark-greenImproved patient care.

checkmark-greenConsistent messaging.

checkmark-greenFree up resources for patient care activities.

checkmark-greenReduced wait times.

checkmark-greenPatient information remains confidential.

Quick Return
on Investment.

Hospitals run on a tight budget, so ROI is a crucial metric. iceAlert is designed so that hospitals and clinics can get up and running quickly -- it is turnkey in the cloud. With low fixed costs and a proven solution that reduces no-shows, overstaffing, and resources required for manual calling, hospitals and clinics have seen ROI on Day 1.

Patient Care.

When healthcare providers actively use iceAlert to remind patients of their appointments, they can reduce no-shows by up to 85%. iceAlert removes the need for overbooking patients, and decreases wait times, reducing the number of staff required to remind patients. These resources can then be reassigned to patient care activities.

Give Peace of Mind:
Security and Reliability.

Security of patient information is essential. Patients want the peace of mind that their information will remain confidential and hackers won't be able to access their medical data or steal their identity. With this understanding, iceAlert is housed in a PCI-compliant data center and has been designed to meet HIPAA, PIPEDA, and PIPA security standards.

Increase patient compliancy: Consistent Messaging.

When healthcare providers communicate with patients, they want to send consistent messaging, to ensure patients have all the information they need and ensure that they are prepared for the exam or procedure. With standard patient instructions, healthcare providers can increase patient compliance. iceAlert equips healthcare providers with the ability to send consistent messages in reminders, flu notifications, post-care checkups, and surveys to patients. Patients can receive these messages in their native language, via phone, email or SMS.

Add Value Without Adding Processes.

Healthcare providers want solutions that add value without adding processes. iceAlert is HL-7 compliant and therefore can integrate with any HL7-compliant scheduling systems, so you can fill in canceled spots and maximize schedules. iceAlert seamlessly integrates to allow staff to continue scheduling appointments the way they were trained, without the need to open iceAlert. iceAlert enables healthcare providers to manage their campaigns and messaging through a user-friendly website, eliminating the change request process.


iceAlert Automated Messaging adds value without adding processes: healthcare providers can focus on patient care, the clinic/hospital gains access to valuable data and metrics, and data is kept safe in a secure and redundant environment.