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The insurance industry is highly regulated, meaning that the products offered by insurance companies tend to be very similar.

Therefore, customer service is often the most effective differentiator between competitors. The contact center is a critical link between prospects and customers for life. Insurance companies can differentiate their customer service by using the latest technology to give customers positive customer experiences. ComputerTalk provides solutions for quote automation, self-service, and outbound notifications, providing insurance companies with the applications they need to compete and improving their customer service. In the insurance industry, customer retention is critical. ice enables organizations to maximize customer retention through optimized service. Modernize your contact center by adding seamless and intuitive communications to your mobile application.

Sample Applications

  • Annuity Account Maintenance
  • Automated Quotes
  • Claim Filing and Processing
  • Collections Payments
  • Customer Service
  • Emergency Communication (i.e., natural disasters)
  • Life Insurance Loan Information
  • Policy Coverage Verification
  • Policy Renewal or Coverage Changes
  • Proof of Insurance Requests
  • Rate Information Line


Banking and Financial is the world’s only enterprise-class, Skype for Business native cloud contact center.

Unified becomes universal. Imagine a world where customers can reach you from any device, on any channel, anywhere and anytime.


Unify your customer experience across all touchpoints.


Make interactions effortless.


Engaging customer conversations.


Customer Info Screen Pop Application

A financial service company is able to offer superior customer service by using ice to provide their agents with detailed information. This information, delivered via screen pop on users' desktops, includes purchase history, account information, previous call details, notes, and actions. Users can update this information, to ensure that other employees who work with this client can base their customer service decisions on reliable and up-to-date information.

Claims Application

An insurance company increases their accessibility by adding real-time communications to their mobile application with iceMobile Connect. Customers are able to call in and accomplish most tasks through the self-service solution. The calls that require human intervention are routed to the correct department or employees while retaining the information the customers previous entered into the IVR. This lets the customer seamlessly continue the interaction from IVR to agent. 

Mobile Functionality Application

An insurance company leverages a number of features made available through iceMobile Connect, ComputerTalk's mobile contact center integration. They can learn the exact location of accidents, view photos of collisions, and move conversations across media channels, using the power of the mobile device. The insurer saves money and time as information is filed electronically and instantly. The company doesn’t have to send a representative to audit the accident or the files. Furthermore, the company creates a happy, mobile-first customer that will be more likely to interact with them in the future.