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Discover why organizations are modernizing their call center with ice

ComputerTalk's ice Contact Center helps organizations enhance their customer experiences with analytics, business application integrations, and AI. Designed and configured to meet your organizational needs, we will work with you to configure your ice solution.

Let us show you how ice Contact Center can help you:

  • Enable contact center users to efficiently handle different communication channels on one platform
  • Display powerful historical reports and real-time monitoring to make effective business decisions
  • Enhance customer experiences and increase agent efficiencies with CRM integration
  • Create and configure customer journeys with our powerful workflow designer tool
  • Integrate with any platform including CRM, common ticketing software, and legacy PX software
  • Deploy on what is most easy and convenient for you, based on your preferences, requirements, and infrastructure


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A sneak peak of one of the ways ice Contact Center works with Microsoft Teams:

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