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An aging population means that healthcare has never been so front-of-mind for so many people.

ComputerTalk assists hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, government, and medical centers with a variety of solutions tailored to the healthcare market. Whether it's outbound patient reminders to reduce the number of no-show appointments, or self-service applications to retrieve lab results, ComputerTalk’s extensive experience in this vertical makes us uniquely positioned to assist in this dynamic and growing market.

Sample Applications

  • Bed Tracking
  • Benefits Administration
  • Drug Test Results
  • Drug Trial Registration and Symptom Reporting
  • Lab Test Results Inquiry
  • Patient Account and Billing Inquiry
  • Patient Insurance Coverage Verification
  • Physician Locator
  • Physician Scheduling


Banking and Financial is the world’s only enterprise-class, Skype for Business native cloud contact center.

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Appointment Reminders Application

iceAlert allows hospitals to automatically call patients before their scheduled appointment, play a reminder message, and track the result of the call. This reduces the number of missed appointments and took the burden of manual calling off the nurses and other staff, allowing them to focus on patient care.

Pharmaceutical Vendor Application

A pharmaceutical software vendor uses ice Contact Center's monitoring tool to provide supervisors with real-time data, to reorganize staff schedules, decrease costs, and reduce wait times. With over 100 standard reports, they are able to analyze trends and make well-informed decisions.

Medical Center Application

A medical center provides patients with multiple communication channels so they can conveniently contact the center through their preferred method including voice, web chat, email, and instant messaging. ice supports unified omnichannel communications to meet rising customer service demands.

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