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Government & Public Services

Many governments are looking for new and exciting ways to provide service to citizens in the digital age.

In order to maximize the value, these applications need to be modern, intuitive and personalized. That’s where ice comes in. Making lives easier is an objective for every Local/Municipal, State/Provincial, and Federal government, worldwide. Governments across Canada and the United States use ice Contact Center to improve their public services. Whether obtaining a driver’s license, paying taxes, or getting status on child support payments, the interactions people have every day with the civil service are facilitated by ice. Dozens of contact centers and a variety of self-service applications are hosted in the cloud, with ice efficiently handling millions of inquiries and transactions for the public.

Sample Applications

  • 311 Citizen Contact Center
  • Driver’s License and License Plate Registration
  • Election Polling Place Hotline
  • Hearing Schedules
  • Personnel and Sales Tax Payment Filing for Business
  • Social Security Benefit Application Processing
  • Tax Payment by Phone
  • Traffic Enforcement - Pay Tickets by Phone
  • Transportation Information, Road Closures, and Weather Update
  • Voice Biometrics
  • Worker’s Compensation Claim Filing and Status


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Voice Biometrics Application

A government department uses voice biometrics to relieve busy jails in a more effective and cost-efficient way than administering ankle bracelets. The application ensures that low-risk criminals under house arrest are indeed at home by calling their home phone at random times and using voice biometrics to verify the identity of the person accurately.

IVR and Speech Recognition Application

A provider of public services was able to reduce the time to book appointments by over half with an IVR and speech recognition application. Citizens can call in and check if they are qualified to schedule a driving test, book and cancel tests, and get more information.

Child Support Payment Inquiries Application

A child support payment hotline chose ice for their IVR system; this decision led to a decrease in their operator-assisted calls by 40%. Their previous DTMF menu was slow and lengthy. The system was often overwhelmed, giving busy signals to callers. Now, callers can dial in and speak their account number and PIN to receive payment updates. For more complex inquiries, callers can leverage the organization’s comprehensive website and access live operators.