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See how ice Contact Center works

ice Contact Center is an all-in-one platform with a variety of modules to elevate your customer, agent, and supervisor experiences.

See below for some of these ice modules in action






ice Contact Center in a nutshell

ComputerTalk's ice is a Teams certified contact center that extends the user's experience within Teams to drive collaboration.




View all contact center activities in real time

With iceMonitor, easily observe contact center operations and view the status of agents, queues, and teams in a unified view. The highly customizable dashboard provides real-time information and alerts to address issues as they arise.

iceMonitor: Overview & Home Tab

Here is a look at how iceMonitor 11 works and its home tab.

iceMonitor: Grid View & Users Tab

Check out our new grid view for iceMonitor by going through the users tab. The information covered in this video is also applicable to the queues and teams tabs.

iceMonitor: Settings & Alerts

Navigate iceMonitor settings and create alert notifications to ensure certain thresholds and conditions are met.



Track your team’s performance with historical reports to effectively strategize for the future 

iceReporting lets contact center managers create over 100 customizable reports to help you plan and make informed business decisions.

iceReporting Overview

Get a glimpse of how iceReporting works.

iceReporting: Scheduling Reports

Learn how to schedule reports and send them to specific email addresses.

iceReporting: Key Reports

Learn more about four key reports in iceReporting: Queue Contact Time Report, Complete User Performance Report, User by Queue Activity Call Report, and Inbound Contacts Summary Report.

iceReporting: Helpful Tips

Learn when reports become available on iceReporting and gain insightful tips for reporting parameters.



Collect feedback to understand your customers' needs and wants

With iceSurvey, organizations can collect valuable customer input to identify service gaps and make improvements. Additionally, surveys can be sent through voice, email, web chat, SMS, or social media interactions. 

iceSurvey: Overview

View a summary of iceSurvey 11 and how to access it. 

iceSurvey: Creating a Web Survey 

Web surveys are a convenient way for customers to provide feedback on their own time. Learn different question types and how to create a survey using iceMonitor.  

iceSurvey: Creating a Voice Survey 

Voice surveys are a quick and easy way for customers to provide feedback right after a call. Learn how to create a voice survey and upload audio files.  

iceSurvey: Creating a Survey Run

Find out how to create and run a survey. 

iceSurvey: Viewing Responses & Reports

View the results of a survey in iceJournal and the reports in iceReports. 




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