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iceAdministrator is the home for all of your contact center management tools.

This interface provides you complete control over your users and queues. Within iceAdministrator, you can add and remove users and queues, as well as managing all the necessary settings. You can change settings on the fly to ensure that contact center operations are running smoothly. iceAdministrator also provides access to iceWorkflow Designer, a visual tool that enables you to create and modify workflows for your contact center queues.


Reduce costs

Manage contact center administration in-house. Add, modify, or delete a user based on changing staffing needs.

Save time

One location to make any administration changes to your contact center. iceAdministrator offers a holistic view of queues, users and switches.

iceAdministrator features.

checkmark-greenSingle sign-on.

checkmark-greenAdd, change, and delete users, teams, queues, and skills.

checkmark-greenImport multiple users.

checkmark-greenDefine call distribution.

checkmark-greenPriority queuing.

checkmark-greenSet class of service features.

checkmark-greenAdd, edit, and delete audio messages.

checkmark-greenSchedule operating dates and hours.

checkmark-greenConfigure outbound calling.