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Design, test, publish, and analyze surveys with ice Contact Center to gain actionable insights and understand customers’ needs across several communication channels

Attract and retain customers by listening and understanding their needs. iceSurvey provides contact center administrators with the power to create surveys for voice, IM, and email using simple, browser-based tools. By listening to customers, your organization can identify the service gaps and make enhancements to your contact center operations.


iceSurvey benefits

checkmark-greenEnhance customer experiences by listening to your customers

checkmark-greenSend surveys on multiple communication channels

checkmark-greenReduce costs through survey automation

iceSurvey features.

checkmark-greenWeb interface for administrating and managing surveys

checkmark-greenDynamically create surveys from templates

checkmark-greenDesign, test, publish, and analyze surveys on one single platform

checkmark-greenSurveys can be conducted through voice, IM, and email

checkmark-greenSupports 7 distinct styles of questions

checkmark-greenSophisticated answer-based design logic (if customer answers yes, proceed to this question; if the customer answers no...)

checkmark-greenMultiple survey specific reports

checkmark-greenDeliver voice surveys during calls, at the end of calls, or with a callback

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