iceSurvey provides contact center administrators the power to create surveys using simple, browser-based tools.

Surveys can be played during a call, at the end of a session, or as a callback. For callers, it’s easy and natural; they stay on the call for a little longer and respond to recorded questions by speaking their answers or pressing keys. iceSurvey allows organizations to easily design, test, publish, and analyze their surveys to gain actionable insights. Attract and retain customers by listening and understanding their needs.


iceSurvey benefits.

checkmark-greenReduce costs through survey automation.

checkmark-greenImprove business operations through benchmarking customer satisfaction levels.

checkmark-greenIncrease customer service by understanding their needs.

iceSurvey features.


checkmark-greenWeb interface for administrating and managing surveys.

checkmark-greenDynamically create surveys from templates and build a database of re-usable questions.

checkmark-greenArchive and re-use questions.

checkmark-greenDeliver surveys during calls, at the end of calls, or with a callback.

checkmark-greenSupports 7 distinct styles of questions.

checkmark-greenSophisticated answer-based design logic (If customer answers yes, proceed to this question; if the customer answers no...).

checkmark-greenMultiple survey specific reports.

checkmark-greenOffer surveys during or right after the call.