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Versatile reporting tool that provides access to over 100 customizable reports.

These reports provide information on queues, users, teams, contacts, and more. You can generate reports that are customized to any number of fields, including time period, queues, users, contacts, and much more. Reports can be viewed immediately, printed and even sent to specific email addresses. Report scheduling allows you to generate reports at specific intervals or recurring across any time period. Once reports are scheduled, they can be modified on the fly to keep your reporting up to date.


Report on customer experience strategies in-real time.

With iceReporting, you organization can iterate, test, and report on customer experience strategies in real time. Small or large tweaks to your strategy can be tested in a single location. As the change is made, your organization can see the real-time impact of the modification and continue to iterate and optimize your strategy. When the change is finalized and approved, it can be instantly rolled out to the rest of your organization's contact centers and users. The ability to test new strategies is invaluable to a global organization, especially when it comes to adapting to changes in the customer landscape.

iceReporting benefits

checkmark-greenReports equip you with the data you need to make informed business decisions and effectively strategize for the future.

checkmark-greenReports are fully customizable and can be scheduled to run at certain times and scheduled to be emailed to specific email addresses.

checkmark-greenComputerTalk can work with you to build custom reports based on your needs.

iceReporting features

  • Over 100 customizable reports
  • Reports can be generated in different file formats such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, and RTF
  • Automated reporting using scheduling and delivery of reports in a number of formats
  • General and specific reports provide relevant level of detail

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