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Find out 3 ways a modern contact center solution reduces operating costs

by Erina Suzuki | Published On November 4, 2021

Whether businesses handle 100 or 10,000 inquiries a day, a modern contact center is a must to effectively streamline communication. There are several ways contact center solutions allow you to operate more efficiently, which leads to reduced costs. Keep reading to find out 3 ways a modern contact center solution enables you to reduce operating costs.

Migrate to the Cloud 

Reduce internal resources required to maintain infrastructure and software by moving your contact center to the cloud. Day-to-day maintenance, upgrades, and patches are the responsibility of the contact center vendor, allowing your business to focus on other areas of operations and minimize internal resources and infrastructure. 

Migrating to the cloud provides agents, supervisors, and administrators the opportunity to work from anywhere, removing the constraints of being tied to the office. By reducing the amount of physical space required, overhead costs such as rent and utilities can be minimized, enabling organizations to reduce overall operating costs. 

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Integrate with CRM  

Improve speed of response, automate CRM entries, and increase efficiency for agents by integrating your contact center with your CRM. Quickly provide customers with the information they are looking for, enabling them to handle a higher volume of inquiries. With an increase in the number of interactions an agent can handle, operating costs are minimized by reducing the number of agents required. 

When you integrate your contact center with a CRM system, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, or others, the information from the interaction is automatically populated in CRM, removing the need for the agent to input the data manually. With a screen pop, all information in CRM about the customer is automatically pulled and displayed for the agent when they receive an incoming interaction. Having information readily available for agents leads to optimized productivity and improved customer experience, saving time by minimizing clicks and transfers from one platform to another, ultimately reducing operating costs.  

Reliable KPI Reporting 

Make informed decisions by generating configurable reports to measure key performance indicators (KPIs). With limited reporting tools available in a traditional contact center, it's challenging to manage a large volume of interactions while maintaining a high level of customer service. 

A modern contact center ensures an excellent experience for agents and customers by measuring KPIs such as average queue time, total hold time, abandoned queues, and more. Reporting on KPIs allows businesses to help identify and reduce wasted effort and refocus on areas of improvement within your contact center. For example, Average Handle Time, measures an agent's average time spent on an interaction. If the average handling time is too high, it may indicate agents are struggling with customers' requests. If it's too low, customers may not be getting the proper support they need. Recognizing issues through KPI reports allows businesses to make changes to operate more efficiently and reduce costs.  

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