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ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center Leads in Ease of Customization Category

by Anastasia Micic | Published On July 7, 2023

ComputerTalk is pleased to announce that we have been scored as a leader against competitors in the Ease of Customization category in InfoTech Research Group’s Software Reviews.

Founded in 1997, Info-Tech Research Group is now the world’s fastest-growing information technology research and advisory group. They serve over 30,000 IT professionals worldwide, helping them make well-informed strategic decisions by producing unbiased and highly relevant research. 

Info-Tech's latest division, SoftwareReviews, officially launched in 2017. SoftwareReviews collects and analyzes detailed reviews from software users to provide a thorough understanding of products from the unbiased perspectives of the people who use them. They verify users and check each review for authenticity to maintain high-quality, reliable data.  

SoftwareReviews' latest report showed that ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center led against competitors in the Ease of Customization category.  

Ease of Customization 

Ease of Customization is based on the ability of a CCaaS to adjust the solution to a business’s ever-changing needs. ComputerTalk scored 86% in Ease of Customization compared to the industry average of 75%.  

ComputerTalk offers customers the ability to integrate with any third-party telephony. Whether you use a traditional PBX, Microsoft Teams, or another platform, we can integrate with your current telephony system. 

ComputerTalk has dozens of pre-built connectors, giving us the ability to integrate with almost any third-party platform, such as Service Now and Salesforce, to name a few. We also offer a variety of modalities to ensure your customers have the flexibility to reach you wherever. Integrating third-party platforms within your contact center helps to boost contact center efficiency.  

A contact center that is customized to fit your current and future needs ensures that your organization will continue to deliver high-quality customer service. From your choice of telephony system and modalities to integrations and custom applications, ComputerTalk will work closely with you to ensure that your ice Contact Center is built to fit your needs.

Choose ice Contact Center 

Here at ComputerTalk, we aim to ensure that ice Contact Center aligns with your current and future needs. Request a demo today to learn more about how ice can support your goals! 

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