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  • 7 Teams Features and Settings You Should be Taking Advantage of Right Now

    by Shaundalee Carvalho | Published On March 18, 2022

    Are you using these features and settings?

  • Staff Spotlight: Blair Ferguson, Chief of Staff

    by Blair Ferguson | Published On March 8, 2022

    I’ve spent the first 16 years of my career at ComputerTalk. As a fresh grad with an interest in people and business, Human Resources seemed like the best fit for my passion and ambition and this “little” company took a chance on me.

  • Top 5 ways to show appreciation to your agents

    by Erina Suzuki | Published On March 4, 2022

    It is Employee Appreciation Day in Canada and the US! Celebrate this special day by showing employees your appreciation. Keeping employees happy and motivated can be challenging for any employer, and contact centers are no exception. Continue reading to learn five effective ways to show appreciation to your agents today and beyond.

  • Troubleshooting Tips for ice (Part 2)

    by Erina Suzuki | Published On February 17, 2022

    For this week's blog, Robert Luciani, Client Support Function Owner at ComputerTalk, will guide us through several troubleshooting tips for both users and supervisors. First, we will address common inquiries regarding iceBar. Inquiries include resetting iceBar and error messages users might experience. Next, we will discuss how to access Microsoft Teams logs. These logs can provide insight into what may be causing issues for end-users in the Teams client.

  • 6 Ways to Spread Love to Your Customers

    by Shaundalee Carvalho | Published On February 14, 2022

    It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! While you’re thinking about ways to make your loved ones feel special, don’t forget the importance of making your customers feel special too. Businesses can’t exist without customers to support them, so don’t forget to support them in return. Below, find 6 ways that you can make your customers feel loved, on Valentine’s Day and always!

  • Contact Centers in Banks and Financial Institutions: A Valuable Role

    by Erina Suzuki | Published On February 3, 2022

    Financial institutions have been pioneers in the adoption of contact centers to service their clients and provide personalized experiences.

  • ComputerTalk's #bigUCupdate: 6 Recent Contact Center Trends That Are Here to Stay

    by Shaundalee Carvalho | Published On January 28, 2022

    This week, ComputerTalk was excited to participate virtually in UC Summit 2022, an event that brought together industry experts to discuss a range of topics related to Unified Communications (UC).




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