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The top 5 customer service strategies to maintain customer loyalty in a recession

by Erina Suzuki | Published On November 25, 2022

In a recession, it can be especially difficult to maintain customer loyalty. Therefore, organizations need a strategic, comprehensive plan to retain their best customers.

With the recent mass layoffs, interest rate hikes, and rising inflation rates, the recession is undoubtedly upon us. During this time, organizations must strive to strengthen customer loyalty through excellent customer service. According to a 2022 Zendesk Report, 61% of consumers would switch to a competitor after just one poor customer service experience. To maintain customer loyalty, organizations must prevent them from having a negative service experience. Bad experiences give your customers a reason to look elsewhere, stop using your services, or cancel existing accounts. Read on to learn how to maintain customer loyalty during a recession.

Future-proof your organization by nurturing customer loyalty with these top 5 strategies

1) Ensure every interaction is tailored to each customer

Personalization often creates an emotional connection. Agents can access members' profiles by leveraging tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, leveraging readily available information on each customer's past purchase behavior and preferences. As a result, agents can personalize each interaction accordingly. Personalizing interactions allow your customers to feel valued, which encourages them to return.

2) Intervene at early signs of customer dissatisfaction

When agents use IM or email to communicate with customers, it can be challenging to understand customers' tones and connotations. Thankfully, sentiment analysis can analyze these interactions in real-time to see if the customer is expressing positive or negative sentiment. When a customer expresses dissatisfaction, supervisors can be notified and assist in resolving the issue to turn things around.

3) Create a seamless customer journey by adopting omnichannel capabilities in your contact center

Organizations should provide a variety of support channels so that customers can choose how they would like to interact with organizations, whether through email, social media, phone, or live chat. Omnichannel capabilities takes a step further by ensuring the customer experience is synchronized across all channels. Repeating information, like personal details and reason for calling, requires customers’ effort. Make the transition from one channel to another as seamless as possible to avoid customers having to repeat themselves.

4) Empower customers with self-service tools

According to a Microsoft Report, 90% of customers globally expect organizations to have self-service support. Enable self-service tools to make it easy for customers to solve issues independently and free up agents' time to work on non-routine, complex tasks. AI chatbots, for instance, can provide answers to customer questions based on natural language and deliver customers with a "live agent-like" experience.

5) Utilize customer feedback to identify areas for improvement

Organizations must continuously improve to achieve long-term customer loyalty. Gaining customer feedback is one of the best ways to identify areas for improvement. Send out surveys after each interaction so that customers are given the opportunity to share their experiences. Suppose a customer is dissatisfied with an exchange; your customer service team can step in and make things right. Organizations can uncover insights and identify gaps to achieve customer loyalty by listening and understanding their customers' needs.

Customer loyalty has never been more important. By adopting these 5 strategies to your customer service, your organization can increase customer loyalty. If you haven't already, check out our blog on maintaining positive customer experiences to reduce customer churn!

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