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Staff Spotlight: Vincent Yong

by Vincent Yong | Published On July 28, 2023

My journey with ComputerTalk started in summer of 2017. I finished my last year of my Software Engineering degree from the University of Guelph in April and decided to take a well-deserved break after completing my degree.

As the job hunt was in full swing, I saw a job posting on the university's job board for a company that was close to where I live. I prepped my cover letter and resume and submitted my resume pack to ComputerTalk. I applied for the Research and Development team thinking that I had what it takes to join the team developing websites and implementing the latest and greatest.

After an initial interview and a written test, I thought I didn't get the position after not hearing back after a week. However, I received a call from ComputerTalk to consider other opportunities in the Application Developer team as they thought it was a better fit. After another written test and a couple more interviews, I was officially hired.

The first month was an eye-opening experience. As a recent graduate, I never thought about working on developing and deploying contact center solutions for a wide variety of companies. I remember getting projects related to companies that I recognized and had already interacted with using their customer service line.

Most of my projects for the first year were helping with upgrades from ice Contact Center version 6 to version 8. This helped improve my knowledge of how ice works and understand the potential the product has for customers, as well as how unique each customer's call flow was from one another. With the resources available to the team, the opportunities are endless.

Six years later, I continue to work on requests coming in from clients, but now I handle more complicated deployments. My main specialties are developments using icePay and new web services.

I also help the Education and Documentation team by conducting the beginner and advanced workflow training for clients that would like to learn how to manage their own call flow and improve on supporting their solution. It's a fun way to meet the clients we deploy our solutions to and understand their needs and wants so the team can improve the way we deliver the contact center solution for future clients.

This opportunity with ComputerTalk has given me the experience of working in the field using the knowledge I learned in university. On top of that, there's always the opportunity to move around to try out new departments and projects.

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