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ComputerTalk Releases ice 13

by Anastasia Micic | Published On February 23, 2024 | Last Updated April 10, 2024

ComputerTalk, a CCaaS provider located in Markham, Canada, is excited to announce the upcoming release of ice 13. Following the recent release of ice 12.1, version 13 provides more enhancements to the current features and tools. Continue reading to discover the latest improvements in ice Contact Center.

Who is ComputerTalk? 

ComputerTalk is a contact center as a service (CCaaS) company that provides a contact center solution to organizations across North America. 

Companies from various industries, including government organizations, healthcare, credit unions, and more, rely on ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center software. 

Established over 30 years ago, ComputerTalk remains at the forefront of innovation in the dynamic field of cloud contact center solutions.   

What is ice 13? 

ice 13 will be the newest version of ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center software. ice is an all-in-one contact center solution that provides organizations with the resources necessary to optimize their contact center operations and enhance their customer experiences. 

Some features include: 

  • Extended screen recording capabilities 

  • Streamlined reports in iceJournal 

  • Ability to easily locate interactions 

  • Insert attachments in chat 

  • Support for multiple email recipients 

  • Maintain email queue times and contact ID’s 

  • Streamlined Single Sign On (SSO) deployment 

Keep reading for more information on what each of these new features entails. 

Highlights and Features of ice 13 

With the release of ice 13 approaching, we have made many improvements in order to better serve our customers. Here are some key highlights: 

Extended screen recording 

  • Supervisors can ensure that agents are adhering to standard practices with extended screen recording capabilities to continue recording during the wrap-up state. 

  • This leads to flexible recording time and ensures effortless post-call analysis during wrap-up. 

iceJournal exports 

  • iceJournal results are now exportable to a CSV file or can be imported into your Ppower BI or other reporting systems.  

  • This streamlines the process of generating reports and aids in data analysis. 

Advancements to the chat interface 

  • ice 13 allows your agents to send attachments via iceChat, saving them time from having to reiterate the same information over again. 

Improved search functions 

  • In iceJournal, users can search for specific line-of-business (LOB) codes to locate a specific interaction easily.  

  • This not only leads to enhanced search functionality but also streamlines data exports for analytics. 

Support for multiple email recipients 

  • ice supports the ability to add recipients, either on the “To or CC” field for increased visibility. In response to the email, all recipients from the original email will be included, as well as any additional recipients.  

  • This enhances the overall collaboration within the contact center and leads to transparent communications between agents and supervisors. 

Maintain email queue times and contact ID after restart 

  • ice will re-queue emails with the same contact ID prior to server restarts and any previous queue time to be added back on. 

  • This allows for improved continuity and more accurate metrics. By maintaining the same contact ID, the system retains the historical context of the contact, making it easier to follow the contact’s journey - and reduces duplicated contacts.  

SSO deployment 

  • ice 13 streamlines the deployment of Single Sign-On (SSO) with the help of Multi-Tenant Azure applications. This allows ice to use a premade multi-tenant Azure application managed by ComputerTalk instead of customers having to create and maintain their own application. 

  • In addition, our solution provides users with an auto-linking email during their first SSO login. ice will automatically assign the user’s Azure AD GUID upon first sign-on, eliminating the need to manually set up SSO in iceAdministrator. 

Roadmap for ice  

The product roadmap for ice remains on the cutting edge of the CCaaS industry, with many further enhancements coming during the rest of 2024. Here is a quick peek into what’s coming up: 

  • Alerts based on state time 

  • Post Contact Tagging 

  • Web-based prompt management 

  • Enhanced Audit Trail 

  • Video and Screen share via icePhone 

  • Call Transcripts in iceJournal 

  • Gen AI: Transcription Summarization and Data Extraction 

  • iceChat iFrame (embedded) 

ComputerTalk continues to innovate and stay at the forefront of technical advancements. Click here to learn more about our cutting-edge solution! 



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