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Staff Spotlight: Richard Teixeira

by Richard Teixeira | Published On March 30, 2023

It was a fast, very satisfying 11+ years leading to retirement after spending almost 30 years in a large telecom organization, with some shorter terms with hardware and software focused companies similar in size to ComputerTalk.

My first exposure to ComputerTalk was when I worked in multi-vendor deals in my previous career roles. This allowed me to see the vendor agnostic approach to call centre deployments ComputerTalk was known for and work with Account Executives that later became my immediate team peers.  

My role started in business development and transitioned to the project implementation and delivery focus that I have thoroughly enjoyed. There is personal shared ownership and satisfaction of working with a team having diverse skills who take personal pride in delivering a complete solution to fulfill client needs, not just during the initial deployment but also with a client’s changing business needs over a number of years.  

We are a flat organization by design of the CEO, where everyone is focused on working together to provide our clients with a truly customized implementation process when required that aligns with client processes and their varying knowledge levels of call centres from entry level to advanced professional call centres. 

As a project executive, I have overseen very large public sector deployments spread over multiple years and augmented with ongoing additional changes and upgrades that have increased in size and complexity.  

I have had several other projects in multiple sectors, including governments agencies as well as covering federal entities and financial institutions, US firms and clients located in multiple countries.  

This has allowed me to experience Director type functions with larger accounts during the project stage as well as hands on Project Owner functions. Daily interactions with our clients and team members ranges from product and application development roles, front-line techs, engineers, Sales Account Executives, to industry peers in PMP roles.  

I also had the pleasure of working multiple times with the same client contacts and was able to see their business expand and require growth in their use of our solutions and develop multi-year relationships that remain today, even with some of them preceding me into retirement.  

Over the 11 years within the company and 10 years prior to that, ComputerTalk has adapted and led change in the industry that saw clients pivot and deploy cloud deployments after many years of working with their own provided equipment set up on their own site.  

More recently, through the pandemic, there were many critical changes needed for my projects that were directly linked to the needs of government and healthcare provider services, needed in short order, and delivered often in record time due to strong teamwork, and highly skilled individuals committed to excellence.  

Our organization allows people to move through multiple career areas for personal growth, which is atypical of many organizations I have worked with in my earlier career. This has led to opportunities for mentoring younger team members pursuing their PMP successfully and providing them the opportunity to work on diverse projects as well as provide the satisfaction to see employee skills grow and add value to their career path without having to change organizations.  

We have a great mix of employees straight out of school as well as experienced veterans from varied backgrounds. We are culturally diverse and simply have a quality group of people who enjoy working together and are genuinely nice people who are passionate about their quality of work.  

The variety of assignments I had truly challenged my skills, and used multiple years of experience to provide a great finish to a 40 year career that covered multiple roles in the IT sector.  

I can honestly say we also do have fun working together even when working through some very busy business cycles and find time as a team to support some great causes.  

I have been blessed with an opportunity to make many new friends and see graduates, get married, start families, and enjoy each others’ accomplishments.  

We work hard but also have a great combination of social and work events and can say we know how to laugh with one another and provide an utterly amazing place to work and thrive.  

But now it’s time to get some more cycling time in! 

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