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8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Contact Center in 2023

by Shaundalee Carvalho | Published On April 21, 2023

Spring is upon us, and that means it’s time for some spring cleaning! This is a great way to refresh, reset, and make sure everything is ready and optimized for the season ahead.

While the idea of spring cleaning may call to mind activities like cleaning out closets or washing windows, consider less traditional areas that could benefit from a little spring cleaning – like your contact center! Below are 8 ways that you can “spring clean” your contact center to get it optimized and running as smoothly as possible.

  1. Examine Historical Reports for Areas of Improvement

    Your contact center reports provide all kinds of valuable information that can guide strategic decision-making. Analyzing contact center statistics can help you determine whether you need to hire more staff, where you should focus training efforts, and more.

  2. Review Scheduled Reports

    While examining reports on contact center statistics, ask yourself if your scheduled reports are still working for you. Has your organization shifted priority to different statistics recently? Are reports being sent to someone who’s no longer in the same role? Do you have any new hires who aren’t receiving scheduled reports but should be? Now is the perfect time to evaluate your scheduled reports and make sure they’re aligned with your contact center goals and being sent to the appropriate resources.

  3. Update Your Agent List

    If you have users on your reports who no longer work in your contact center, it’s time to spring clean them right out of there! Deactivate users who no longer work in your contact center to keep your agent lists and reports concise and useful.

  4. Reevaluate Your Target Thresholds

    Check in on your team’s goals and how well they’re meeting them. If they’re meeting and exceeding every one, maybe it’s time to consider setting higher goals to challenge them (after celebrating their great work!). Alternatively, if your team is consistently failing to meet targets, consider possible reasons why; they may need additional training or extra staff. If this isn’t feasible, or if the targets were never realistic to begin with, then you may need to set more realistic targets to keep agents from getting discouraged and giving up.

  5. Seek Out Opportunities for Automation

    To optimize your contact center operations, try automating tasks where possible to maximize efficiency. For example, consider a CRM integration for automatically screen popping context about an incoming interaction to agents; consider a workforce management (WFM) integration for automating the creation of agent schedules.

  6. Update Agent Skills

    People learn and grow constantly. Make sure that this growth is recognized in your contact center. If you use skill-based routing, take the time to ensure that agents’ skill settings are up-to-date and accurately reflect the skills they’ve learned in the time since they were first hired.

  7. Look for Learning Opportunities

    Growth and change are constant not only in people but in industries and technology too. Take the time to learn about what’s new in the contact center industry and think about how it might benefit your contact center in the future. For example, to learn how speech analytics can enhance your customer experience, register for ComputerTalk’s upcoming live webinar with Tethr on May 3rd. Register here!

  8. Seek Out Feedback

    If you’re looking for other ways to optimize your contact center’s efficiency, it might help to get opinions on customer service from your customers themselves. Use survey tools to find out what they think about your service and identify other areas for improvement. Consider seeking feedback from your agents as well to find out how their experiences could be improved.

For more tips on optimizing your contact center, check out our recent blog, How to Maintain a Human Touch While Embracing Customer Service Automation.

Happy spring cleaning!

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