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Byron Yu - a journey of self-discovery and transformation at ComputerTalk

by Byron Yu | Published On February 22, 2024

As I sit back and contemplate the journey of two decades with ComputerTalk, it's hard not to feel a profound sense of gratitude and introspection.

ComputerTalk’s collaborative environment

ComputerTalk isn't just a workplace; it's a dynamic ecosystem where innovation thrives. From the outset, I've been immersed in a culture that values bold exploration and rewards initiative. It's an environment where every day brings the promise of exciting projects and the opportunity to push boundaries. And perhaps most importantly, it's a culture that provides a safety net, where taking on new roles isn't met with trepidation, but rather with encouragement and support. Our team at ComputerTalk is more than just a group of colleagues – we're a family. Within our matrix organization, silos are not just discouraged, they're actively dismantled. This culture of connectivity fosters an atmosphere where ideas flow freely, and collaboration is not just encouraged, it's celebrated. It's within this framework that some of our most groundbreaking initiatives have taken shape, fueled by the collective genius of our team.

From coding to business development and everything in between

In the tapestry of my daily role, I've had the privilege of wearing many hats. From coding to design, project management to sales and business development, each day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. It's this versatility that has kept me engaged and invigorated throughout my tenure. Reflecting on my journey, there have been defining moments that stand out as milestones. From laying the groundwork for ComputerTalk's early relationship with Microsoft to spearheading the transformation of iceAlert into one of Canada's premier automated messaging services – each accomplishment has been a testament to the resilience and innovation of our team.

Mentorship from the CEO

Throughout my tenure, one individual has especially encouraged me through my journey – Mandle Cheung, our founder and owner. Mandle's mentorship and unwavering support have been instrumental in my growth and development. And as I reflect on my professional journey, I'm struck by the profound evolution I've undergone. From humble beginnings as a developer to stepping into roles encompassing design, project management, and business development – each transition has been marked by learning, growth, and a deepening sense of purpose.


In closing, I am profoundly grateful for the experiences, challenges, and triumphs that have defined my 20 years with ComputerTalk. It's been a journey of self-discovery and transformation, fueled by the unwavering support and camaraderie of my colleagues. And as I look ahead to the future, I do so with a sense of excitement and anticipation, eager to continue this journey of exploration and innovation alongside the incredible team at ComputerTalk.

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