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ice Contact Center provides a number of applications that help education organizations optimize inbound and outbound services.

Alerts for emergencies, weather events, or any other necessary public service announcement can be automated through ice Contact Center. Larger education institutions make significant use of help desks to provide services such as IT support, residence issues, and health services. These services are crucial to the function of the organization. ice Contact Center modernizes these services to ensure that students get fast, accurate, and reliable information and service. It starts with multimedia and extends to enhanced purpose-built applications for the digital age.

Sample Applications

  • Admissions and Registration Processing
  • Absenteeism Notifications
  • Financial Aid
  • Frequently Asked Questions IVR
  • Funding Campaigns
  • Help Desk
  • Loan Information
  • On-Campus Health Services Appointment Notifications
  • Snow Days Announcements
  • Tuition Payment


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School Board Application

A school board uses ice for outbound dialing to notify parents and students of school shutdowns, lockdowns, snow days and absenteeism. The school could dial multiple numbers for each parent eliminating the need to call the numbers individually. Messages are able to be sent to specific grades, schools or regions.

College Application

A college uses an IVR and speech recognition solution to provide their students and prospective students access to an extensive array of information. Callers use menus to gain access to information about hours, location, registration, financial assistance, and more. Administrators can make changes to the information that is provided. With this application in place, agents are freed up to respond to calls that require special attention, keeping the system efficient and decreasing response time.

Counselling Service Application

A confidential counseling service directs customers’ calls as well as IMs to their choice of male, female or either agent 24/7 creating better customer care and accessibility. They are also able to direct university and college students with alcohol and drug dependencies who need treatment or counseling to a booking center.

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