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ice Contact Center for Education

Educational institutions have often been associated with innovation and advancements in technology. With examples to set and reputations to build, it is important for their operations, including the contact center, to keep up.

ice Contact Center improves student, staff, prospect, and alumni experiences through the modernization and automation of help desk services, public service announcements, and more. This ensures that students get fast, accurate, and reliable information and service.

Modernize students' experience with innovative solutions

Accommodate students’ busy schedules with omnichannel capabilities

Allow current and prospective students, staff, and alumni to contact you through the communication channel that is most convenient for them while agents efficiently handle all interactions on a single platform.

Integrate with student-centric third-party tools for maximum efficiency

Integrate applications like CRM, WFM, chatbots, and more with ice Contact Center's powerful functionalities to accelerate resolution time and increase efficiency.

Easily evolve with the institution

Meet the most complex of organizational requirements. We will work closely with you to design solutions that fit your changing needs.

Redefine residents' experiences


Seamless integrations

ice Contact Center seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruptions.

Customized to your needs

We recognize that each department and sector is unique, which is why our solution is highly customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Data security

Your data's security is our utmost priority. Our solutions meet  industry standards such as SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance, to safeguard sensitive information.

Enhance student experiences with ComputerTalk's ice Contact Center

Save Staff Time With Automated Notifications

A school board used an inefficient manual notification system that required staff to call parents individually to notify them of school shutdowns, lockdowns, snow days, and absenteeism. The process was time-consuming and used resources that could be focused on education-related tasks. When the school board started using ice’s outbound campaign tools, they could quickly and easily send out automated messages by grade, school, region, and more. This saved staff time and allowed parents to learn important updates regarding their child’s school far sooner than they had with manual calling.

Reduce Wait Times With Speech Recognition and IVR

A college’s contact center often experienced long wait times that frustrated busy students and prospective students looking for information. When the college moved to ice Contact Center, they implemented an IVR and speech recognition solution that allowed callers to gain access to information about hours, location, registration, financial assistance, and more, without waiting to speak to a live agent. With this application in place, agents could respond to calls requiring special attention, decreasing response time and maintaining efficient operations.

Reduce Costs by Migrating to Microsoft Teams

An academic institution relied on a costly on-premises solution to connect with students, parents, alumni, and faculty. The solution cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in analog phones and their supervisors could not evaluate their agents' or contact center's performance due to limited reporting capabilities. With ice Contact Center and Microsoft Teams, they saved money on phone lines, and their supervisors could generate customizable reports to effectively track performance and guide strategic decision-making to ultimately improve their overall services.

Sample Applications

  • Admissions and Registration Processing
  • Absenteeism Notifications
  • Campus Health Services Appointment Notifications
  • Financial Aid
  • Frequently Asked Questions IVR
  • Funding Campaigns
  • Help Desk
  • Loan Information
  • Snow Day Announcements
  • Tuition Payment

Elevate your communication and collaboration game using ice Contact Center with Microsoft Teams

Our ice Contact Center solution for education seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams. This provides educational institutions with a unified communication hub to manage student inquiries, streamline support processes, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

By combining the power of Teams with advanced contact center features, such as automated call routing, real-time analytics, and comprehensive student data integration, this solution empowers workers across the education industry to provide personalized, timely, and efficient assistance. 


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Every ice Contact Center solution is unique, designed and configured to meet your changing organizational needs.

With over 35 years of experience, ComputerTalk is here to work with you to configure your contact center solution.