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iceBot enables businesses to provide instant, personalized responses to customer inquiries, improving customer satisfaction and reducing support costs.

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Provide instant and accurate responses to customers.

iceBot streamlines customer interactions, providing instant responses and freeing up human agents for more complex tasks.

Increase first-contact resolution

iceBot provides immediate responses to multiple customers simultaneously. By ensuring prompt responses, iceBot minimizes customer wait times, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Improve agent productivity and reduce staffing costs

iceBot enables agents to offload routine inquiries. This allows agents to focus their attention on more complex inquiries. By reducing the number of inquiries sent to agents, companies improve agent productivity and reduce their staffing needs.

Ensure 24/7 availability for customers

iceBot is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Instead of customers having to wait for your company’s business hours to reach out, they can converse with a chatbot online whenever they want.

Use case

iceBot enables you to offload routine tasks from your agents

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Answering common questions
  • Banking transactions
  • Customer inquiries/support
  • Ordering services
  • Providing recommendations
  • Qualifying prospects
Frequently Asked Questions 

Everything you need to know about iceBot

Chatbots are used for various purposes, including customer service, lead generation, e-commerce, and internal communication, to automate tasks, provide information, and engage with users in a conversational manner.

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a broad field of computer science focused on creating machines capable of intelligent behavior. Chatbots on the other hand are specific applications of AI that simulate conversation with users, typically in text or voice format, to achieve specific goals like information retrieval. They play a crucial role in enhancing user interaction through automated communication channels.

While chatbots can handle many customer service inquiries effectively, they are unlikely to fully replace human customer service agents, especially for complex or emotionally sensitive issues where human empathy and judgment are crucial.


What our customers say about us

The customer service and technical assistance at ComputerTalk have been exceptional.

Christine Morrow
Contact Center Manager at Sunshine Coast Credit Union

The ComputerTalk team is great! The account team is very engaged and meets with us monthly to review any concerns, discuss potential changes, and review user feedback.

Doug Lamb
Administrator of WCLC Telephony System

ice Contact Center for Microsoft Teams completely ties into email and everything Microsoft 365 offers. All the hooks for our entire ecosystem are there. Where before it was 3 or 4 systems you had to work around in, now it’s all connected.

Randy Robbins, Director of Information Technology
Bob Barker Company

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