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ice Contact Center and Tethr

Optimize your contact center with Tethr AI speech analytics.

Use AI-powered conversation intelligence to improve your customer experience and financial outcomes.

27% Reduction in churn risk

28% Reduction in repeat callers

218% Increase in sales conversions

80% Reduction in QA call monitoring


Integrating Tethr with ice Contact Center

Reduce costs

Use AI to identify root causes of long calls, channel switching, and repeated contacts.

Prevent churn

Pinpoint specific reasons for churn and identify at-risk accounts so you can intervene and prevent customer loss.

Improve customer experience

Identify points of friction and confusion in your customer service experience – then eliminate them.

Increase revenue

Analyze your interactions and identify the probing questions, objection rebuttals, and special offers that increase conversion rates.

Optimize agent performance

Use intelligence gleaned from Tethr to coach your team, increasing positive agent behavior and creating targeted performance guidelines.


ComputerTalk and Tethr work collaboratively to measure the entire customer journey.

Improve customer service and self-service

Find out when (and why) customers contact you to respond efficiently and effectively. Route customers to the appropriate user to best solve their needs and problems. Adding self-service and AI chat bots to automate tasks reduces agent workload and lets them focus on other important tasks.

Make decisions with trusted insights

Access instant analysis on hundreds of metrics, with insight dashboards that give you a succinct look into Cost Savings, Customer Retention, Revenue Generation, CX, and Agent Performance with ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center + Tethr.

Grow customer relationships

Every conversation is analyzed, scored, and benchmarked against other companies based on millions of interactions. Easily identify bad experiences so you can target and focus on them for improvement. Identify your best conversations to learn from them and create best practices.

screenshot of ice and tethr platform

What our customers say about us

The customer service and technical assistance at ComputerTalk have been exceptional.

Christine Morrow
Contact Center Manager at Sunshine Coast Credit Union

ice Contact Center for Microsoft Teams completely ties into email and everything Microsoft 365 offers. All the hooks for our entire ecosystem are there. Where before it was 3 or 4 systems you had to work around in, now it’s all connected.

Randy Robbins, Director of Information Technology
Bob Barker Company

Magnetek logo

We brought in ice knowing we could connect with our CRM. Building something that truly integrated the CRM and contact center sounded nice in theory, but it is even better in practice.

Crystal Goodwill
Administrative Assistant for Aftermarket Services at Magnetek

Microsoft Teams integration

ice Contact Center with Microsoft Teams

No more time wasted switching from one software platform to another. ComputerTalk’s ice solution, a Microsoft Teams Native contact center, seamlessly integrates with existing applications and bridges the gap from legacy infrastructure to Teams.

Get all the contact handling controls and contextual interaction information you need within the Microsoft Teams interface.

Person typing on a computer with graphics on the screen

Every ice Contact Center solution is unique, designed and configured to meet your changing organizational needs.

With over 35 years of industry experience, ComputerTalk is here to work with you to configure your contact center solution.