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Sunny Sun: A journey of growth and collaboration at ComputerTalk

by Sunny Sun | Published On May 29, 2024

My journey with Computer Talk began in September 2017. I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years! I was referred to by a friend who has been working here since they spent a co-op term here as a student. And this is my first job after university. I've felt lucky from the moment I joined. Every day I've been welcomed with friendly faces and supported in ways I never imagined.

Working as an Application Developer: 

Unlike traditional software developers, this role collaborates with multiple functions: Quality Assurance, Project Owners, Customer Support, clients, Sales, and more. To me, this is the best part of this position. I don't feel like it's just me and my computer.  

At ComputerTalk, we provide custom ice Contact Center solutions based on customer needs. We integrate with CRM platforms, banking systems for automated IVR applications, and customer-owned software for screen pops to optimize agent handling. There are so many interesting projects to talk about! One of the projects we worked on was integrating Java with Lagan for one of our customers. I love having the opportunity to work with customers in different industries and understanding their specialties.  

Looking forward to my future at ComputerTalk 

The supportive environment here at ComputerTalk has allowed me to thrive and unleash my full potential. Whether it’s through mentorship, training programs, or opportunities for learning and development, I feel confident to take on new challenges and push beyond my comfort zone. I have really enjoyed working with so many talented and friendly coworkers. We always say it’s like a big family. And YES IT IS! I look forward to expanding my role at ComputerTalk and continuing to share wonderful experiences with new faces. 

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