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Don’t make your agents hunt for information

by Anastasia Micic | Published On March 28, 2024

Happy Easter! Today we often think about spring being upon us and the chance to get chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny. While you may enjoy hunting for chocolate eggs, agents don’t love hunting for information. That’s why it’s important to enhance your agents’ productivity by providing them with the information they need.

Did you know that 44% of customers express frustration when they find themselves on hold with a customer service representative for 5 to 15 minutes? To avoid this, it’s crucial to ensure your agents minimize the length of time customers are put on hold. As a result, it’s important to support your agents by consistently refreshing them with key company information and implementing advanced tools such as a CRM integration to help your agents. In this blog, we will dive into how you can support your agents and the different ways you can prevent them from having to hunt for key information.

Training Programs 

During the onboarding process for new agents, proper training programs are key to ensuring these individuals are successful in their new role. Some valuable training strategies include implementing a buddy system where you pair a new agent with an experienced one, educating new and current staff on the mission and values of the business, and more!  

In addition to training new agents, it’s also important to refresh your existing agents on new information related to the company. A recent study suggests that in 24 hours people often forget approximately 70% of the information they learned that day. This highlights the importance of regularly retraining agents to ensure that all learned information and processes are effectively retained. 

By providing thorough training, you ensure your agents become familiar with the various resources available to them within the company, such as knowledge bases, internal documents, and communication channels. When agents are well-versed in accessing and navigating these resources, they can quickly find the information they need without extensive searching. As a result, proper training increases the likelihood of agents resolving inquiries without the need for customers to call back, thereby reducing overall call duration. 

CRM Integration 

Screen pop 

A screen pop provides your agents with a quick overview of the caller's details such as their name, previous call history, and other relevant information. This feature prevents agents from having to ask the customer repetitive questions and saves them time searching for this information. This leads to faster call handling and allows agents to focus on addressing the customer's needs promptly and efficiently, ultimately improving overall customer satisfaction and enhancing the productivity of your call center operations. 

Auto-insert activity records 

While agents are wrapping-up a call, third-party integrations such as ServiceNow have a feature that automatically compiles and saves all the details from the interaction. This saves agents time from manually creating activity records and typing the details, freeing up their time to take on another interaction.  

For other ideas on how to save your agents time and improve their productivity, learn the value of adding AI chatbots to your contact center. Hoppy Easter! 

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