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ComputerTalk and Tethr Slice of ice Recap – Optimize Your Contact Center with AI Analytics

by Shaundalee Carvalho | Published On May 12, 2023

On Wednesday, May 3rd, ComputerTalk, in partnership with Tethr, presented our latest Slice of ice webinar, Optimize Your Contact Center with AI Analytics.

Click here to watch the complete recording.

Tethr, our new partner, is a speech analytics company that uses AI and machine learning to analyze text and speech to provide customers with practical and proven steps to improve customer service metrics. In Phase 1 of our integration, ice sends data to Tethr to be analyzed. ice users can log into Tethr with single sign-on and get access to all the AI metrics provided. Future phases will involve an even closer integration.

The Current State of the Business Without Speech Analytics

While more and more customer interactions are coming in daily, data is reviewed manually by a QA analyst. This means that less than 5% of interactions are likely being used to evaluate CX and agent performance. Without this visibility, improvements can’t be made.

However, with Tethr, 100% of your customer interactions are analyzed. Insights gathered from speech analytics can help improve various areas across the organization, such as Sales, Customer Experience, Call Center, Marketing, and Product.

Tethr’s out-of-the-box dashboards, built with 10 years of real-world research, are designed to quickly help lower operational costs, reduce churn, and increase revenue. As soon as interactions start coming in through Tethr, their insights will immediately help you identify cost drivers, causes of customer friction, and best-performing rebuttals to sales objections.

Tethr Process

Tethr delivers these insights through a 4-part process.

  1. Access – First, they import your captured conversations.
  2. Structure – The conversations are then organized and transcribed.
  3. Enrich – Next, AI helps you build categories and identify points of interest that matter to you. Conversations are then automatically scored for Quality Assurance. Insights are delivered in easily digestible dashboards.
  4. Share + Act – Finally, Tethr lets you export these insights to other systems like Power BI, Salesforce, or any other system that is important for tracking customer journeys and triggering downstream actions.

Use Cases

Below are some ways that speech analytics can help improve your organization:

  • Identify reasons why people are reaching out to you
    • Identify correlations in cases where people reach out about multiple topics. This allows you to proactively ask customers if they need assistance with related topics when they interact with you, potentially preventing them from needing to make additional calls in the future. This improves first-call resolution and reduces total time spent on those inquiries.
  • See a breakdown of calls based on whether they are “easy” (positive sentiment), “difficult” (negative sentiment), or a churn risk.
    • Similarly, see analytics on customers’ reasons for negative sentiments and the drivers of those reasons.
  • Automate quality assurance and examine performance by team, individual agent, and more.
    • Show agents areas where they need improvement so that they can strive to improve every day.
  • Tethr can track unnecessary calls, calculate the cost of them, and identify reasons for them, so that you can understand where to focus improvement efforts.
  • Tethr can analyze conversions and help identify the  top objections to convert and top rebuttals to those objections. This can help teams figure out how best to train agents for dealing with conversion situations.

To learn more about how Tether and ComputerTalk can help improve your contact center, watch the full recording or request a demo!

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