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25 Years of Service: My Journey at ComputerTalk

by Isaac Chan | Published On March 26, 2024

I have been working at ComputerTalk for a quarter of a century! I can't count on one hand the events in my life that surpass this milestone.

From Application Developer to Function Owner 

It was (you guessed it) 25 years ago when I first joined ComputerTalk as an application developer. I was part of a small but talented team that created innovative and customized contact center solutions for our clients. Fast forward 25 years, and a lot has changed. The head count has grown by 2.5 times, we have implemented more formal processes, but we have not lost our agility and adaptability in the fast-changing world of technology.  

As a function owner, I lead a dynamic and high-performance technology team that provides custom ice Contact Center solutions. I enjoy collaborating with other teams and understanding the needs and expectations of our customers. I always strive to deliver the best solutions that meet their requirements and exceed their expectations. 

To be continued… 

Working at ComputerTalk for 25 years has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience. I have witnessed the company’s evolution and growth, and have been lucky to be part of that journey. I have enjoyed leading and working with such talented and passionate individuals and creating solutions that make a difference in the world. I appreciate the support and recognition I have received from ComputerTalk, and I look forward to many more years of innovation and excellence here. 

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