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  • Microsoft Ignite 2022 Review: Changes, Insights, and Looking Towards the Future

    by Chris Bardon | Published On October 28, 2022

    As someone who has been going to in-person Microsoft conferences for 15 years, the last couple of years have been a real change in routine. There was always a regular cadence of two or three events a year, typically Build in the spring and Ignite in the fall.

  • ice: The Contact Center for the Microsoft 365 Platform

    by Chris Bardon | Published On October 28, 2019

    One of the strengths of ice Contact Center has always been the application integration possibilities we offer. In the 30 years we’ve been in the industry, we’ve integrated into both commercial and bespoke CRM systems, databases of various stripes, workforce management platforms, and countless other systems of record. While no two integrations are alike, there are some systems such as Dynamics 365, that are used far more often than others and certain integration points that are common and repeatable. This post highlights a few areas where you can use ice Contact Center to tie into the Microsoft 365 platform, including Graph, PowerApps, and Azure.



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