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Strengthen Your Contact Center With Canned Responses

by Anastasia Micic | Published On August 30, 2023

With just one click, your agents can effortlessly respond to your customers, ensuring prompt issue resolution and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Most contact center agents find that chatting with customers via IM can get a bit repetitive. Leveraging canned responses in a contact center space can help streamline customer interactions by offering predefined answers. These include common responses, greetings, explanations, or solutions to frequently asked questions.  

For example, if customers often come to you inquiring about their order status, you can configure a response along the lines of “Of course! Let me check the status of your order. Please provide me with your order number”. This alleviates the frustration of agents frequently needing to reiterate the same information. 

Discover the advantages of utilizing canned responses: 

  1. Efficiency: Canned responses allow for faster responses, saving agents time from having to compose the same answer for similar inquiries. 

  1. Consistency: Supervisors can review and approve canned responses, ensuring the message is consistent with the organizational culture. 

  1. Less room for error: Configuring pre-written responses helps to minimize the risk of errors, such as, grammar/spelling, guaranteeing accurate responses.  


ComputerTalk provides the option to customize your canned responses through the iceBar and iceManager suites 

ice Contact Center gives users the option to create canned responses that apply universally across the entire contact center or create ones that are tailored to individual agents. If an agent has a standard response to a common question, they can configure their own canned response through iceBar. On the other hand, supervisors can configure common responses for groups of individuals through the iceManager suite. 


Steps to configure canned responses in iceBar: 

  1. Right click on your iceBar toolbar to access the right-click menu. Select “Options”. This will open the options window. Go to your iceBar Options and select “Canned Responses” under IM Options.  

  1. To add a new Canned Response, highlight a folder or a user response. In the screenshot below, “Support Responses” is highlighted. 

  1. Click Add. A new entry will appear under “Support Responses” per the screenshot below.  

  1. Replace the text with the response with what you want to include in the Response List. 


Steps to configure canned responses in iceManager: 

  1. Go to your iceManager Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.  

  1. Under the General section on the left, select “Canned Responses”. 

  1. Create a new folder using the add (+) button in the top right corner or choose a folder under which you want to add a Canned Response. 

  1. Click the add (+) button in the same row as the chosen folder. Select “Canned Responses” from the list. A new entry will be added to the folder. 

  1. Select a type from the dropdown list. Options include HTML and Plain Text. 

  1. Enter the Canned Response into the field. Click Save to save the changes or click Revert to cancel the changes. 

Canned responses offer a way to efficiently handle routine inquiries, provide accurate information, and maintain a consistent tone and brand messaging. These responses are completely customizable, making them a valuable tool for enhancing communication efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

For more details on setting up canned responses reach out to a ComputerTalk representative today! 

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