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ice Contact Center allows transportation organizations to inform the public of anything that may impact services, including weather alerts, accidents, and construction..

Transportation services are the backbone of cities all over the world. Disruptions in transportation services have a significant impact on the daily lives of citizens. ice Contact Center allows transportation organizations to inform the public of anything that may impact services, including weather alerts, accidents, and construction. For long-distance transportation services, including trains, ferries, and buses, organizations use ice Contact Center to process payments and bookings. Naturally, as so many people depend on transportation services, there is a significant amount of feedback from the general public that is used to improve services. ice allows organizations to properly manage, distribute and record all feedback that comes in through the contact center, saving organizations time and money in optimizing transportation services.

Sample Applications

  • GPS Roadside Assistance
  • Recall Notifications
  • Road Conditions and Construction
  • Road Test Booking and License Issuing
  • Routing of Vehicles
  • Train schedules
  • Vehicle License and Plate Inquiries


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Fully Resilient Contact Center for Vehicle Breakdown Company Application

A vehicle breakdown management company uses VoIP and ice for a fully resilient 24/7 contact center located over multiple sites. The flexibility of VoIP allows agents to log on from anywhere with presence visibility across all locations. The application produces screen pops on the agent desktop, containing caller details to reduce call length and errors. ice provided this company with skills-based routing capabilities, which sends complex requests to the right agent the first time. By connecting the caller to the correct agent, additional transfers are not required.

Surveys Application

A transportation company uses iceSurvey to gain actionable insights by listening and understanding customer needs. The company improves their customer experiences by providing callers with useful information, so they don't feel like they are wasting time waiting on hold to speak with an agent. At the same time, they send out surveys in order to gather insights into their experiences. The information collected can lead to valuable data, which can be used to improve the organization through increased efficiencies of current processes and develop new business strategies and initiatives.

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