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The power of ice.

Case Studies & Contact Center Applications.

Examples of the rich, diverse, sophisticated contact center applications we have built for customers.


MLB's the Houston Astros deployed ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center to Increase Efficiencies with Ticket Sales Processes

Investment Bank Application

Leading Canadian investment bank with worldwide clients uses ice for some 250 traders with turret terminals. A unique feature of this solution allows all calls to be presented to all traders at all times when the market is open, so that all calls would be serviced. Any trader can answer any call at any time. No calls are missed.

Voice Biometrics Application

ice uses voice biometrics to accurately verify the identity of a caller. This sophisticated feature is successfully used by the government to ensure that low risk criminals under house arrest are indeed at home by calling their home phone at random times. This application offers relief to busy jails with a solution that is more effective and less costly than the administration of ankle bracelets.

Customer Service Application

A trade association is able to streamline customer service by introducing a unique feature that allows callers to speak their needs, instead of dialing on a keypad. Their largest number of inbound calls are people requesting information about interest rates and exchange rates. Using IVR and Text-to-Speech functionality the association is able to play back the responses to these requests, freeing agents to focus on solving bigger problems.

IVR and Speech Recognition Application

A world's leader in service and outsourcing successfully uses an IVR and speech recognition system for callers to check if they are qualified to book a driving test, book and cancel tests, and get more information. With this system in place they were able to reduce the time to book appointments by at least half.

Healthcare Application

iceAlert allows hospitals to automatically call patients prior to their scheduled appointment, play a reminder message, and track the result of the call. This reduces the number of missed appointments and took the burden of manual calling off the nurses and other staff, allowing them to focus on patient care.

Ticketing System Application

An advanced property management company uses a self-service IVR system to allow their vendors to phone in to update existing work orders and close tickets. This application offloaded 20% of their agents, so they could focus on solving non-routine problems. Another feature of this application allows the callers to leave voice messages and attach them into their work order. Agents can listen to the message and handle the messages appropriately.

Magnetek Case Study

The technical and field support team at Magnetek runs a phone helpdesk that operates as a first point of contact for after-market services. Support technicians work with crane operators and maintenance technicians in the field to help them solve real-time problems. The nature of their work requires them to be offline or away from the desk intermittently throughout the day. This can lead to confusion among the group about who is available to take calls versus who is working on other projects. The team’s voicemail was separate from the call queue and lacked a call back option, so customers who couldn't reach a support technician would “call and hang up, call and hang up” or try other departments. By implementing ice Contact Center, the team simplified their process for entering and leaving the call queue, provided customers with the peace of mind knowing they’ll be helped as quickly as possible, and opened the door to possibilities for improving productivity and process enhancements.


Marketing Agency Application

A marketing agency used IVR with speech recognition technology to launch a successful joint marketing campaign for two of its clients. They ran a fully automated game where customers called in with their UPC code and had the chance to win a variety of prices.

Customer Account Application

A food services company increased efficiency by enabling customers to call in and check their invoices, order items, and get operating summaries though a bilingual speech application. On call entry, the caller simply inputs their location ID and password and then all the services are available to them.

Webchat Application

An investment management company improved customer service by personalising their webchat. Agents are able to tailor their help according to the language the customer speaks and if they are a new or returning customer.

Education Application

A school board uses ice for outbound on premise dialing to notify parents and students of school shutdowns, lockdowns, snow days and absenteeism. The school could dial multiple numbers for each parent eliminating the need to call the numbers individually. Teachers are able to send messages to specific grades, schools or the whole region.

Help Desk for Electronics Manufacturer Application

A global electronic components manufacturer uses ice to power their internal help desk, which supports 50,000 employees around the world. A unique feature of this contact center application is that non-Lync users can ask for help via web chat. This makes requesting assistance more convenient. When they start a web chat session, employees are asked a series of questions before they are connected to agents. Based on their answers, ice is able to determine the type of assistance they need and routes them to the best suited agent. Once connected to the employee, the agent receives details around the employee's request and can start processing it right away.

Help Desk for Pipeline Manufacturer Application

A pipeline manufacturer uses ice to improve the quality of customer service that is delivered at their help desk. ice improved response times from 30 minutes to 18 seconds within 72 hours of going live by providing robust skills-based call routing and auto attendant functionality. Due to this dramatic improvement, this company is implementing ice in their external customer service and sales department contact centers.

Help Desk for Systems Integrator Application

A technology systems integrator that serves Latin America and the Caribbean uses ice Contact Center for Lync to improve customer experience. Their application has English/Spanish support, call recording, Dynamics CRM screenpop, blended agents, and Lync conferencing. They are rolling out similar applications to 7 more locations around South America.

Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone Toronto is a free and confidential counselling service for youth. Youth can speak anonymously with professional counsellors by calling the Kids Help Phone hotline. Before switching to ComputerTalk’s contact center, counsellors working out of the Toronto office used a Nortel call center solution.

Counselling Service Application

A confidential counselling service directs customers’ calls as well as IMs to their choice of male, female or either agent 24/7 creating better customer care and accessibility. They are also able to direct university and college students with alcohol and drug dependencies who need treatment or counselling to a booking center.

Centralized Agent Management for National Bank Application

A bank group used ice to unite its agents into one virtual queue environment to fully leverage their centralized services. Previously, the agents operated individually across multiple time zones and were not connected through any kind of network. By consolidating the agents’ separate phone lines into a toll-free number, customers can call in and be connected to whichever agent is available. This allows agents to be more accessible and extends their hours of operation for greater customer service.

Customer Service Application for Music Production Company Application

An international music producer replaced their existing Avaya PBX and contact center with ice Contact Center for Lync. Due to changing business requirements, the organization needed a contact center that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the ability to manage incoming calls from all over the world, and metrics to understand how their agents are behaving. ice met their business requirements, providing the complex call routing and in-depth reports they were looking for.

Data Verification Application

When probable cause is insufficient to immediately take a suspect into custody, an American criminal justice system is using ice to provide fast and accurate information about the suspect to officers in the field. Officers who previously only had access to the database from their computers, now have access from their mobile phones. Driver's license, social security, and license plate data are transmitted instantly, both verbally and visually, via direct voice query.

Contact Center for Finance Company Application

A systems integrator partnered with ComputerTalk to deliver Lync Enterprise Voice-enabled ice contact center to an investment management company in the Middle East. The solution equipped our partner to deliver voice, email, and instant messaging support, as well as call back in queue and Dynamics CRM screen pop.

IVR for Child Support Payment Inquiries Application

A child support payment inquiries hotline chose ice for their IVR system; this decision led to a decrease in their operator-assisted calls by 40%. Their previous DTMF menu was slow and lengthy. The system was often overwhelmed, giving busy signals to callers. Now, callers can dial in and speak their account number and PIN to receive payment updates. For more complex inquiries, callers can leverage the organization’s comprehensive website and access live operators.

Intelligent Routing Application

One of the world's largest consulting, technology, and outsourcing service providers is able to handle all HR inquiries with only 4 agents spread across the US. Using ice, their new intelligent call routing system, they were able to reduce the amount of calls going to voicemail and evenly distribute calls based on agents presence. Agents are able to log on from anywhere and set their status depending on their availability. Calls are directed to available agents.

Enhanced Routing for Premium Accounts Application

A leading multinational corporation that produces over 60,000 different products uses ice to streamline customer service for their premium accounts without negatively impacting their other customers. Regular customers are routed based on the nature of their requests. ice facilitates this company’s personalized premium customer experience by recognizing callers by phone number and/or company name, and only assigning calls from premium customers to specific agents with the appropriate skill level to handle those types of requests. This ensures that all customers receive the level of support they need.


Bob Barker Case Study

Bob Barker Company, America’s leading detention supplier, migrated their call centers from Cisco Unified Communications platform to ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center For Microsoft Teams. The move to the cloud saved the company $15,000 per month in infrastructure; empowered the call center manager with enhanced capabilities to manage her team more effectively; and provided real-time insights and better control to individual customer service agents through an intuitive interface. The company-wide move to Microsoft Teams and Office 365 unified the company’s communication platform, enabling better customer service and increased opportunity for innovation.


Fully Resilient Contact Center for Vehicle Breakdown Company Application

A vehicle breakdown management company uses VoIP and ice for a fully resilient 24/7 contact center located over multiple sites. The flexibility of VoIP allows agents to log on from anywhere with presence visibility across all locations. The application produces screen pops on the agent desktop, containing caller details to reduce call length and errors. ice provided this company with skills-based routing capabilities, which sends complex requests to the right agent the first time. By connecting the caller to correct agent, additional transfers are not required.

Voice-Enabled Self-Service application for Newspaper Subscriptions Application

A nationally distributed newspaper was able to improve their customer satisfaction through a self-service speech recognition application built on ice. Subscribers can renew subscriptions, check account payments, and change their address. Non-subscribers are able to purchase subscriptions or obtain more information about the newspaper. Speech recognition allows callers to speak their needs instead of pushing keys on a keypad. The newspaper is now able to offer 24/7 self-service options without the need for additional agents.

Voice-enabled Take-out Ordering Application

The largest operator of full service restaurants in the country was able to expand its call-ahead take-home service with an all-in-one hosted call center - ice. With the voice-enabled self-service functionality, callers can speak their order, which simplifies and speeds up the ordering process. Before agents answer a call, they are presented with the callers details, such as account information and how long the caller has been waiting in queue. Callers who want to re-order their previous order can do so though the self-service options, without interacting with an agent.

Customer Info Screenpop Application

A financial service provider is able to offer superior customer service by using ice to provide their agents with detailed information. This information, delivered via screenpops on agent desktops, includes purchase history, account information, previous call details, notes, and actions. Agents can update this information, to ensure that agents who work with this client in the future can base their customer service decisions on reliable and up-to-date information.

Help Desk for Global Construction Firm Application

A global water engineering and construction firm chose ice as their global help desk platform, supporting the entire company's applications. This firm required support for remote agents - team members are in all parts of the world (India, Latin America, and the US) while the server is in the UK. ice provided remote agents the support they required to manage the company’s operations, which span over 180 offices in 35 countries, with 7000 employees. This mission-critical solution ensures that support is available 24/7.

Data Retrieval Application

A consumer assistance service, which provides a central point for financial service complaints, increased first-call resolution and reduced instances of caller transfers, holds, or callbacks using ice. A custom web-based interface connector was built to connect the contact center application to their database, allowing agents to easily access and navigate all industry-related information. Data retrieval is so quick that agents can remain in natural dialogue with callers and guide them on next steps without missing a beat.


How we help customers

We want to report back metrics that allow us to convince customers that we’re delivering a high level of service. With ComputerTalk’s tools, we are able to do that

- Donna Gizbert, Senior Vice President of Client Services

ice Contact Center for Microsoft Teams completely ties into email and everything Microsoft 365 offers. All the hooks for our entire ecosystem are there. Where before it was 3 or 4 systems you had to work around in, now it’s all connected.

Randy Robbins, Director of Information Technology
Bob Barker Company

ComputerTalk’s infrastructure handled the election extremely well, as evidenced by our fully functional call center that had zero incident execution on polling day. I was able to track all calls and agents, and redirect calls to other queues or add queues when things picked up. Reports were generated so quickly - instantaneously - enabling us to monitor volumes and status at all times.

- John L. Hollins, Chief Election Officer
Elections Ontario