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ice Contact Center for Microsoft 365

Enhance your Microsoft 365
investment with enterprise-class
contact center capabilities.

Break new ground in customer experience and learn the
true power of Microsoft 365.


Deliver powerful
customer experiences.

Provide fast, personalized, and consistent customer experiences by integrating Dynamics 365 into the contact center and bringing all relevant customer information into one place. .


Gather powerful data
about customer interactions.

Consistently optimize customer experience with the data gain through real-time monitoring and historical reporting tools.


Reduce infrastructure
and upkeep costs.

Eliminate expensive infrastructure and upkeep costs by moving your contact center to the cloud.

Benefits of an Microsoft 365 contact center

Reduce infrastructure costs and add enterprise-class contact center capabilities to your Microsoft 365 environment.


From small internal help desks to complex cross-geographic contact centers, ice Contact Center with Microsoft 365 helps you provide outstanding customer services across multiple communication channels and dramatically enhances the power and reach of Microsoft Teams.

ice easily allows your customer service agents to work from anywhere at any time.

With ice and Microsoft 365, companies can run full inbound/outbound contact centers, complete with real-time monitoring, historical reporting, and the ability to build advanced customer service applications - everything you need to resolve problems quickly and create a positive customer experience.


Leverage your existing PBX

Similar to other organizations, if you use Microsoft 365 along with a traditional Cisco, Avaya, Mitel or other PBX or telephony service, then you should consider switching to ice Contact Center. Unlike other solutions, ice supports agents using Microsoft Teams along with any other legacy PBX system or mobile phone. 

Because ice has evolved over 30 years, we understand the need to support a variety of endpoints and preserve your investment as you transition. The ice user experience remains consistent as you move from where you are to where you want to be. This reduces your overall costs and prevents disruption in customer service even as you transition to new technology.

Omnichannel solution

ice Contact Center for Microsoft 365 provides a true omnichannel experience by enabling customers to reach you on any channel.

channels voice


channels social


channels video


channels email


channels sms


channels chat


channels apps


channels bots


Let customers contact you using their preferred communication channel. ice Contact Center users can efficiently handle different methods of communication from one platform, helping them save time. Regardless of how customers reach you, users will be provided with details of their previous interaction history. By examining the most recent communication exchanges, users can effectively and quickly equip themselves to respond to customers, saving time while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


ice Contact Center works effortlessly with your Microsoft 365 applications. It comes packaged with dozens of pre-built connectors to your favorite Microsoft 365 applications, as well as other common CRM and common ticketing software. On top of the pre-built connectors, ice can integrate with nearly any platform, including your own homegrown software, using tailor-made connectors. These integrations help you provide personalized customer experience while optimizing agent efficiencies.

Zero footprint cloud contact center


Enable a true cloud experience by combining your Microsoft 365 phone system with ice Contact Center.

Replace your aging contact center infrastructure and eliminate expensive upkeep costs by moving your contact center to the cloud. Connecting ice and Microsoft 365 through federation ensures reliable and scalable services. ice Contact Center with Microsoft 365 is available as a fully-provisioned cloud solution in our PCI-compliant private cloud. Let us manage the contact center so you can focus on what matters.


How we help customers

We brought in ice knowing we could connect with our CRM. Building something that truly integrated the CRM and contact center sounded nice in theory, but it is even better in practice.

- Crystal Goodwill
Administrative Assistant for Aftermarket Services at Magnetek

ice Contact Center for Microsoft Teams completely ties into email and everything Microsoft 365 offers. All the hooks for our entire ecosystem are there. Where before it was 3 or 4 systems you had to work around in, now it’s all connected.

Randy Robbins, Director of Information Technology
Bob Barker Company

We're going from an environment where the phone would ring and everyone would look around to see if someone was going to answer it, or say "I'm working on something, can someone else get it?" to having the capabilities and visibility that our supervisor and tier 2 team can watch and step in and help as needed.

- Crystal Goodwill
Administrative Assistant for Aftermarket Services at Magnetek

ComputerTalk’s infrastructure handled the election extremely well, as evidenced by our fully functional call center that had zero incident execution on polling day. I was able to track all calls and agents, and redirect calls to other queues or add queues when things picked up. Reports were generated so quickly - instantaneously - enabling us to monitor volumes and status at all times.

- John L. Hollins, Chief Election Officer
Elections Ontario