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Provide agents with access to their complete contact handling history.

iceJournal comes equipped with a variety of filter and search options to easily find single or groups of interactions. When viewing a contact in iceJournal, a user can see key info about each interaction, including duration, channel, contact info, and notes. You can listen to recordings and view media transcripts as well as review evaluation forms.

As a web-based integrated interaction viewer, iceJournal displays all recorded voice, IM, and email interactions by customer. Search through historical interactions based on date and time of the interaction, contact type, and dozens of advanced filters. 


Recording and transcripts

channels-chatInstant Message Transcripts


channels-socialSocial Media Transcripts


channels-chatWeb Chat



A web-based integrated interaction viewer for reviewing recorded voice, screen, IM, and email interactions, along with evaluation forms for assessing user performance. iceJournal provides users the ability to see all interactions received from the same customer, show historical information about the current customer, and to add user remarks to customer interactions before wrapping up or re-queuing.

agent evaluations


Agent performance evaluations

Easily create forms, view and download recorded interactions, and fill out evaluation forms at the office, remotely, or while on the go. All you need is an Internet connection. Pinpoint deficits and proficiencies in agent performance to improve your service quality and increase customer satisfaction.


iceJournal benefits

checkmark-greenStay compliant with industry standards of recording retention.

checkmark-greenEnsure agents are delivering the correct message.

checkmark-greenExpedite agent training by giving direct feedback to their interactions with customers.

checkmark-greenMotivate agents to improve their performance by tracking their progress.

checkmark-greenIncrease customer satisfaction by reviewing their previous interaction history.

checkmark-greenView contact history to never worry about an accidental disconnect.

checkmark-greenPinpoint agents in need of remediation.

checkmark-greenManagers and supervisors can evaluate employee interactions an provide feedback to help employees improve they way they deliver customer service.

iceJournal features

  • View audio and screen recordings
  • View email and IM transcripts
  • Advanced search filters (interaction type, ID, sender, receiver, subject, etc.)
  • View interaction details (duration, type, contact information, etc.)
  • Apply resolution code
  • Evaluate interactions