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A single pane of glass that gives you a view of the entire contact center.

The highly customizable dashboard enables you to monitor and address issues as they arise. Color-coded tiles present key information, and custom alerts keep you apprised of the contact center's status -- anytime, anywhere.


iceMonitor can function in two different ways

The first is a customizable wallboard to easily monitor contact center activities and view the status of multiple agents, queues, and teams. The wallboard can be customized to present key information and shows alerts in real-time.

The second way to use iceMonitor is as a real-time contact center management tool. When using iceMonitor on a computer or mobile device, you can use all the same customizable views as the wallboard. However, you gain extra functionalities, such as logging users on and off, messaging individuals or groups of users, and creating/modifying alerts.



See what's happening right now. On a wallboard, PC monitor, or tablet.

Create customized notifications that alert when certain metrics are underperforming or overperforming. You can react to changes by reassigning contacts and agents based on interaction volumes and agent productivity.

plusEasy-to-read visual summaries of contact center activities.

plusInformation about agent performance, queues, and interactions.

plusZoom in or out of the customizable dashboard charts.

plusDrill down to information about specific queues, users, and teams.

plusCreate email or pop up notifications if certain thresholds have been exceeded.

plusReal-time contact center monitoring using web-based display.

plusUser and team operation details, including summary, analysis, and charting.

iceMonitor benefits

checkmark-greenSee your workforce's performance in real-time to better manage your team.

checkmark-greenMake sure your queues aren't getting overloaded by reassigning agents to different queues.

checkmark-greenEnsure agents are meeting SLAs or required response times to provide excellent services to customers.

iceMonitor features

  • Customizable alerts based on agent performance
  • Monitor agent performance and queues in real-time
  • Queue, team and, user management