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  • What is a Contact Center?

    by Erina Suzuki | Published On June 2, 2023

    A contact center is crucial to any business, as it manages all inbound and outbound customer communications. The scope of a contact center includes channels such as email, text messages, social media platforms, and live chats.

  • How to Maintain a Human Touch While Embracing Customer Service Automation

    by Nicole Robinson | Published On April 6, 2023

    It’s no secret that many areas of everyday life and business are becoming increasingly digitized.

  • ComputerTalk's ice Contact Center vs. NICE

    by Anastasia Micic | Published On March 24, 2023

    ComputerTalk is pleased to announce that we have been scored as a leader against NICE in the Info-Tech Research Group's SoftwareReviews. Continue reading to find out what categories we outperformed NICE in.

  • Microsoft Ignite 2022 Review: Changes, Insights, and Looking Towards the Future

    by Chris Bardon | Published On October 28, 2022

    As someone who has been going to in-person Microsoft conferences for 15 years, the last couple of years have been a real change in routine. There was always a regular cadence of two or three events a year, typically Build in the spring and Ignite in the fall.

  • 15 Ways to Use a Contact Center in Various Industries

    by Shaundalee Carvalho | Published On August 26, 2022

    When you think of contact centers, you might just think of agents answering customers’ questions. While this is one common use for contact centers, that’s not all they do. From appointment booking services to help desks and everything in between, contact centers are used by all kinds of organizations across all industries.




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