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Cloud Service Security and Privacy

Through a customer’s use of ComputerTalk’s cloud services, data is introduced, generated, and stored to fulfill customer business requirements and manage contact center operations, including user configuration, activity monitoring, archival contact review, and reporting functions.  The secure processing and care of customer data are of the highest priority to ComputerTalk, supporting our commitment to protect the confidentiality and privacy of our customers, their employees, and end-users.  Customers should expect nothing less.  

Data Security

Our customers use our cloud services knowing that we deploy, and are vigilant in maintaining, industry-standard security measures and technologies to ensure protection against all cybersecurity threats.  Detail on ComputerTalk’s security control program is provided here.

Data Privacy

The protection of personally identifiable information (PII), beyond the protection offered through data security measures, is a critical undertaking that is policy-driven and operationally enforced.  ComputerTalk supports our customers in meeting applicable privacy legislation (including but not limited to PHIPA, FIPAA, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR) through vital privacy policy initiatives and ensuring that all employees are trained in and committed to protecting the privacy of every customer’s data.  ComputerTalk’s Privacy Policy is provided here.  

Privacy Notice

As part of our data privacy mission, ComputerTalk’s Privacy Notice is provided here.  

Data Subject Access Request

All data subjects – those persons who believe that ComputerTalk may hold some of their personally identifiable information (PII) as a function of a customer’s use of ComputerTalk services – have the right to request that all their PII residing on our servers and data storage infrastructure be identified to them and, if applicable through their instruction destroyed. The Data Subject Access Request Process is provided here.

Data Subject Access Request forms are available here:

GDPR Compliance

The following documentation is provided to reflect ComputerTalk’s commitment to compliance with GDPR requirements: