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ice Contact Center for Technology

The technology industry is a complex sector, continually evolving and driving innovation across various domains. A contact center solution that offers advanced communication tools, such as IVR, chatbots, and other omnichannel capabilities, allows technology companies the ability to efficiently handle customer inquiries, resolve issues promptly, and provide around-the-clock assistance. This fosters customer loyalty and enhances a brand’s reputation.


Transform your customer service with cutting-edge solutions

Decrease agents' call duration with screen pop

Instead of agents manually searching for information about the customer and the nature of their inquiry, automate this task with screen pops. This not only saves agents' time searching for customer information but reduces human errors, such as, finding the incorrect ticket number associated with the caller.

Enable customers to reach you whenever, wherever with omnichannel capabilities

Provide customers the flexibility of contacting you through their preferred channel of communication, enhancing convenience and accessibility to your organization's support team.

Guarantee your customers' security through reliable payment solutions

Our solution allows you to accept payments without storing sensitive cardholder data in your environment as a result of our PCI-compliant cloud environment. This ensures that your customers' information is protected and guarantees a worry-free process.

Elevate your client support with ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center


Reduced interaction time with CRM screen pop

A global data management and analytics software company was using ComputerTalk's on-premises solution but wanted to enhance their contact center operations by moving to the cloud and integrating with Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow. The company wanted to increase collaboration among team members and reduce the amount of time agents spend on each interaction. The company successfully migrated to the cloud and integrated their ice Contact Center with both platforms to produce a world-class customer experience for their clients. The ServiceNow integration allows their agents to receive a screen pop of the caller's details, reducing the amount of time agents spend searching for information like their ticket number, in turn cutting down on interaction time.

Streamlined customer support inquiries with intelligent routing

A multinational technology giant was looking to elevate their internal help desk with a Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 integration and to automate their call distributions. With their previous solution, many of the groups within the organization were using a simple phone system, with no way of identifying who was calling in and the nature of their inquiry. They decided to work with ComputerTalk for our customizable contact center offering. With advanced routing capabilities, the organization was able to ensure their staff could easily identify incoming callers and route them to the appropriate group. Since the company's executive team doesn't take direct calls, the routing rules allow these types of calls to be directed to the company's corporate operator's group.

Tracking and Reporting

Sample Applications

  • Billing and Account Inquiry
  • Distribute Calls Geographically
  • Help Desk
  • Notifying Customers of Updates and Patches
  • Repair and Technical Services
  • Self-serve Bots
  • Online Payments
  • Obtain Customer Feedback
  • Check Ticket Status
  • Product Support

Microsoft Teams contact center for technology

Our ice Contact Center solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams and any other third party application. It provides technology organizations with a centralized platform to streamline support processes. This allows agents the ability to manage customer inquiries effectively due to advanced features like intelligent routing, screen pop, and more.

By integrating your contact center with Microsoft Teams, you can unify your communication channels, streamline collaboration, and optimize operational effectiveness.

Omnichannel (2)

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Safeguard customer data

3 Ways to Protect Your Customers' Data

Security threats will never disappear; therefore, implementing proactive measures and updating security strategies are essential to safeguarding customer data.

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CRM Integration

Discover the Benefits of Integrating Your Contact Center with ServiceNow

Together, ice and ServiceNow elevate your agents' productivity levels and provide a personalized customer experience through features like screen pop, click-to-call, and more.

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Leverage iceChat to Enhance Your Operations

Learn how you can reduce wait times and increase first-contact resolution with iceChat. Download this document to dive into how iceChat can enhance your contact center.


Every ice Contact Center solution is designed and configured to meet your ever-changing organizational needs.

With over 35 years of experience in the technology space, ComputerTalk is here to work with you to configure your contact center solution based on your unique needs.