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ice Contact Center for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a vast, complex sector. Over the years, patients have shifted their expectations when it comes to dealing with healthcare providers; they want to receive frequent updates, a personalized experience, and above all else, good customer support.

Transform your healthcare services with innovative solutions

Healthcare Alerts (2)

Decrease the number of no-shows with outbound alerts

No-shows result in wasted resources such as staff time and administrative costs. Reminding your patients of upcoming appointments using iceAlert reduces the number of no-shows. This save's your employees’ time and allows them to focus their attention on other important areas of patient care.

Staffing Levels (2)

Guarantee optimal agent staffing levels with a workforce management (WFM) integration

Utilizing historical demand to forecast staffing requirements for agents ensures that your contact center maintains appropriate agent staffing levels. Ensure you have adequate agents available to take calls during seasonal peaks, such as the flu season, by utilizing historical demand to forecast staffing requirements with WFM.

Communication Channels (2)

Ensure your patients can contact you by providing multiple channels of communication

Providing patients with the freedom to select their preferred communication channels alleviates the pressure of calling in for those with social anxiety or hearing impairments. This leads to a personalized and accommodating patient experience.

Elevate your healthcare support with ComputerTalk

Little boy sitting across from his doctor

 Enabled remote working

BC Children's Hospital Foundation (BCCHF) motivates people to join its mission and elevate the standards of children's healthcare. Their goal is to fund new programs, equipment, and research for the hospital. Before the pandemic, BCCHF staff and volunteers would come together to host a fundraising broadcast in one physical location. When COVID-19 hit, BCCHF could no longer operate the broadcast in person and required a solution that functioned remotely. Fortunately, they were introduced to ice, a cloud-based solution that enabled their agents to effectively handle calls from the safety of their own homes. After the success of the 2020 telethon, they realized ice was here to stay.


Increased productivity with no downtime

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, a centralized provincial health system faced new challenges. With the emergence of widespread COVID-19 testing across the province, hundreds of thousands of patients needed ways to receive their test results.

The organization decided to use iceAlert to deliver notifications of test results to patients by SMS. The provincial health system quickly scaled up its usage, taking full advantage of iceAlert's scalability and ease of use to quadruple monthly output with no downtime. iceAlert continues to improve operations by screening incoming patients for infectious diseases.

Phone with an alert

Sample Applications

  • Bed Tracking
  • Benefits Administration
  • Drug Test Results
  • Drug Trial Registration & Symptom Reporting
  • Lab Test Results Inquiry 
  • Patient Account & Billing Inquiry
  • Patient Insurance Coverage Verification
  • Scheduling Medical Appointments
  • Physician Locator
  • Physician Scheduling

Microsoft Teams contact center for healthcare

ice Contact Center seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams and has the ability to integrate with any other 3rd party application, whether it’s a CRM or WFM tool. In addition, by leveraging the omnichannel capabilities that come with your ice solution, your patients can contact you at their convenience.

ice Contact Center with Microsoft Teams unifies real-time monitoring and historical reporting within a single interface. From physician scheduling to health insurance support, ice with Microsoft Teams helps to enhance the operational efficiency of your contact center for healthcare.

Mom+Baby+Doctor (3)

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iceAlert (2)

Leverage iceAlert to Simplify Outbound Alerts

Learn how you can improve patient care and minimize the number of no-shows with iceAlert. Download this document to dive into how iceAlert can enhance your contact center.

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Every ice Contact Center solution is unique, designed and configured to meet your changing organizational needs.

With over 35 years of healthcare experience, ComputerTalk is here to work with you to configure your contact center solution.