All-in-One Platform

All-in-one platform

Manage telephony, email, web chat, and instant messaging channels using the same interface. Use a uniform process for handling each contact type or use unique processes for each of the media channels. Administrators can manage service levels across different channels from one client.

The all-in-one platform offers seamless contact center operations and the ability to customize your contact center for industry-specific needs.

ice all in one contact center features


PCI Cloud

PCI cloud

ComputerTalk is committed to safeguarding customer information with its Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant Contact Center cloud, offering unparalleled security for credit card information processing.

Customers purchasing products and services over the phone or online trust the payment system to keep their account information safe. When using PCI-DSS compliant systems, you ensure that their information is safely processed, stored, and transmitted.

PCI-DSS compliant vendors follow industry standards developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, which serve to protect customers from identity theft. PCI-DSS compliant solutions decrease the legal, monetary, and reputation risks your business faces when handling transactions over the phone or online, storing account information, and transmitting information for credit card processing.

Contact centers are particularly vulnerable when it comes to meeting payment card industry data security and compliance requirements. When you use ComputerTalk’s ice cloud, you are ensuring that your contact center is processing, storing, and transmitting credit card information in a secure environment.


Cloud and On-Premise

Cloud and on-premises

ComputerTalk offers ice Contact Center in an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment scenario, allowing organizations to choose the model that works for them. Whether you choose on-premises, cloud, or hybrid, ComputerTalk's ice Contact Center offers the same features, ensuring that organizations can move to the cloud without having to retain agents.

More information about on-premises, cloud, and hybrid solutions:

Multi-Channel Elevations

Multi-channel elevations

Certain channels are great for quick resolutions, but sometimes you need to escalate to a different channel to resolve issues quicker. Sometimes instant messaging doesn't cut it and you really need a voice call or a desktop share to solve the problem. When using Skype for Business to Skype for Business, ice facilitates movement among different channels, while keeping the context of the interaction.




This is a technology that ComputerTalk is actively investigating.


Video Calls

Video Calls

With so many people used to conversing, collaborating, and learning through video, companies are now looking to video for customer service. According to a Forrester report, 1/5 of contact center managers are planning on adding or upgrading video support – they see that video has huge potential to add value to the service environment. ice contact center provides you with the tools you need to fill customer service gaps by supporting Skype, Skype for Business, and Lync calls into your contact center.


Integrated Interaction Viewer

Integrated Interaction Viewer

One of iceManager's modules is iceJournal, an integrated interaction viewer. iceJournal allows agents, supervisors, and administrators to look up recorded and in-progress interactions, view contact history, and perform evaluations.


Multimodal Recording

Multimodal Recording

With ice Contact Center, you can record calls, screens, emails, or IMs with a click of a button from the contact management toolbar. You can also pause recording for privacy at any point, receive notification when you are being recorded, and receive notifications when there are recording errors.

Users with the appropriate access levels can access call, screen, email, and IM recordings and transcripts through the web, over a secure, encrypted connection, where they can be played back, downloaded, emailed for escalation, or deleted.


Skype for Business Qualified Product

Skype for Business Qualified Product

ice, Intelligent Communications Exchange, is certified for Skype for Business. The certification indicates that ice has passed rigorous third party testing offered by Microsoft for Skype for Business solutions. ice is a native Skype for Business Contact Center platform that allows users to build communications workflows that connect users with the right subject matter experts. It is one of the first contact centers to receive this designation.

The Skype for Business App Certification Program is designed to offer Microsoft customers the added assurance of third-party solutions that have demonstrated a high quality experience and compatibility when deployed with Skype for Business. Only products that pass the specifications outlined in the Skype for Business Certification Program can be associated with this designation. All products that pass this certification program are listed on


Enterprise-level Security

Enterprise-level security

Administrators can specify password complexity and expiration rules so that they fit your internal security requirements. They can also assign users different access levels. Only users with certain access levels can make modifications to accounts and queues, view reports, and monitor contact center performance. This ensures that only authorized employees can access your system, to protect customer information.


Built-in TTS and Speech IVR

Built-in TTS and speech IVR

Speech IVR automates interactions with customers. You can use recorded scripts or text-to-speech to guide your callers through the IVR application.

IVR applications give callers access to information even during closed hours such as answers to FAQs, office hours, web addresses, driving directions, general information about your company, and more, in multiple languages. Callers can also select menu options that route them to the user who is best suited to handle their requests.

Speech IVR allows you to free up resources, easily adjust to changing business needs, and the same system can be used for internal help desk and external customer interactions.




Studies show that giving customers the option to contact your organization through their preferred communication channel is the best way to improve customer loyalty and brand reputation. According to Pew Research Center, 97% of Americans use text messaging at least once a day. With so many people using text messaging, it makes sense for organizations to add SMS into their contact center.

ice Contact Center allows agents to handle SMS interactions. Incoming SMS messages are delivered to agents through the Skype for Business client and agents can respond to them the same way they would an IM or web chat. This provides customers another channel in which they can contact your organization while allowing agents to continue answering requests the same way they do today, reducing retraining requirements.


Response Groups Integration

Response Group Integration

Skype for Business offers Response Groups to route and queue incoming calls to groups of people. Response Groups offer basic functionality for departments who do not require complex call flows. However, contact centers and help desks typically need more advanced call flows and routing features. ice Contact Center offers Response Group integration to allow departments who need basic call flows to remain on Response Groups, while migrating departments with more complex requirements to ice Contact Center.


CRM, Helpdesk and WFM Integration

CRM, Help desk and WFM integration

CRM integration:
Combining real-time multichannel communications and CRM enhances the way organizations connect with your
customers, partners, and stakeholders. ice integrates advanced communications workflows with CRM solutions to implement business routing rules across all media channels. By integrating CRM with the contact center, your organization can increase efficiency, improve knowledge distribution, reduce call duration, and improve customer experience.
For more information about our CRM integration click here.

Help desk integration:
An organization’s help desk is a hub for all things technology related. Help desk agents need tools that help them resolve technology-related problems quickly. Using the contact center productivity tools in ice Contact Center, your help desk agents will be able to solve support issues faster, so customers can return to an operational state as soon as possible.
For more information about our help desk integration click here.

Workforce Management (WFM) integration:
Integrating WFM into the contact center allows you to predict future interaction volumes and staffing needs. With WFM you can schedule the right number of people, with the right skills, at the right place, at the right time to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Real-time Speech Analytics

Real-time speech analytics

ComputerTalk’s real-time speech analytics provides agents with the equivalent of a personal assistant to help on every call. ice real-time speech analytics listens to customer interactions for keywords and performs actions such as triggering a database lookup for calls from the same phone number, and displaying the transcripts. The agent can read it and proceed appropriately.

Real-time speech analytics can be applied to different scenarios where customer requests need to be fulfilled quickly and efficiently. When you use ComputerTalk’s real-time speech analytics in your contact center, you are transforming it into a proactive, revenue-generating problem resolution hub, saving time and money.


Real-Time and Historical Reporting Tools

Real-time and Historical Reporting Tools

Real-time monitoring:
iceMonitor provides decision makers with complete visibility into contact center operations and allows them to make on-the fly administration decisions based on what's happening in the contact center. This monitoring tool enables team leads and supervisors to perform simple contact center administration, such as managing queues, rerouting contacts, monitoring user performance, and creating custom alerts that pop up or are emailed.

Historical reports:
iceReports provides over 100 standard reports, accessible through a web browser. Reports can be scheduled to run and generate in different file formats. They can be further customized, depending on your requirements. iceReports allows you to analyze the data for trends, areas of productivity, and areas for improvement. You can also do a deep dive into queue performance, see things as they occur in 15 minute intervals, days, weeks, months, or years.


Software Only. No Specialized Hardware Required

Software only. No specialized Hardware Required

ice Contact Center for Skype for Business can be virtualized and does not need expensive specialized hardware.


Social Media Queuing

Social media queuing

Social media interactions are transitioning from the marketing team to the contact center. ice searches social media sites for interactions that match pre-defined keywords, queues the interactions, and routes it to an agent. The agents can respond directly through the ice contact management toolbar, without having to navigate to the social media site.

By integrating social media into the contact center organizations are able to improve response rates, increase productivity and increase customer satisfaction.