Part of providing excellent customer service is being able to address customer concerns quickly and effectively. Traditionally, this was done through call centers.

Why you need a contact center?

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While phone will continue to be the dominant form of communication, email, instant messaging, and social media are becoming increasingly popular. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to make your organization as accessible as possible, using these other communication channels. To stay ahead of the curve, you need more than just a call center. You need a contact center, which would give you the ability to support and keep in touch with customers, using different mediums of communication. Contact centers enable you to fulfill requests through additional communication mediums.

What should you look for in a contact center?

With so many contact center solutions out there, you may find it difficult to choose the right one for your organization. While exploring these options, there are several things you should keep in mind.

All-in-One Solutions

Rather than creating your own contact center, using third-party add-ons for call recording, interactive voice response, web chat, emails, etc, you should consider an all-in-one solution that has all the features you need. Companies using different communication solutions have to pay extra to sustain them, since administering numerous systems requires additional integration and support costs.

Feature Set

Regardless of whether you are looking for a solution that supports an enterprise or a small office, you should make sure the solution provides the features that you need. Make sure you and the decision making team are clear in terms of what you will use the software for, keeping in mind any industry-specific standards and the size of your organization.

On Premise or in the Cloud

You need to decide on where the contact center is located - either on your own servers or hosted in the solution provider's environment.

There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to either deployment model.

Clear Upgrade Paths

You want to make sure the contact center solution you decide on allows you to make modifications and add new features as your business needs change.

What's so special about ice?

ComputerTalk's intelligent communication exchange (ice) Cloud Contact Center solution addresses all four items listed above and offers some additional benefits.

You'll get more than just a phone system with ice Contact Center. ice is an all-in-one contact center solution that allows you to design applications you need for your contact center.

Every deployment comes with an administrative tool, a workflow designer, real-time monitoring and analytics, and over 100 standard reports. ice tracks phone, email, instant messages, social media messages, and web chats so you have real-time insight into the thoughts of your customers and the productivity of your contact center users.

ice can be deployed at your server site or hosted in our data center. To add new features, you just need to purchase a license. This means fewer disruptions to your operations. 

Add Value to your existing call/contact center solutions

You know the importance of communication with customers and probably already made value-adding investments into equipment and software. ice can run with different systems and technologies, so if you are not ready for an end-to-end system right away, we can still help by adding more functionalities to your existing system. We'll be there to help you turn off existing PBXs and replace third-party add-ons with ice when you are ready to do so.

Cut Costs

• With an all-in-one platform, you'll spend less time dealing with vendors and less money on technical resources to support third-party add-ons.

• Since ice supports onsite and offsite users, along with multiple locations, you can save costs by spreading out your workforce.

• ice future-proofs your communication systems: the solution is scalable and supports multiple channels of communication.



Every point of contact between your customers and your organization can have a large impact on people's perception of your company. An enterprise-class system can improve the communication experience between these two groups. ice offers your contact center, your users, and your decision makers several features.


All-in-One PlatformAll-in-One
Cloud and On-PremiseCloud and
Multi-Channel ElevationsMulti-Channel
WebRTCWebRTC Video CallsVideo Calls Integrated Interaction ViewerIntegrated Interaction
Multimodal RecordingMultimodal
Skype for Business Qualified ProductSkype for Business
Qualified Product
Enterprise-level SecurityEnterprise-level
Built-in TTS and Speech IVRBuilt-in TTS and
Speech IVR
SMSSMS Response Groups IntegrationResponse Groups
CRM, Helpdesk and WFM IntegrationCRM, Helpdesk
and WFM
Real-time Speech AnalyticsReal-time
Speech Analytics
Real-Time and Historical Reporting ToolsReal-Time
and Historical
Reporting Tools
Software Only. No Specialized Hardware RequiredSoftware Only.
No Specialized
Hardware Required
Social Media QueuingSocial Media


 What is ice?

ice is a contact center productivity suite, composed of modules that work together to provide a seamless communication experience. These components work together to give you full enterprise-class contact center functionality.


ice Journal

An integrated interaction viewer. Agents, supervisors, and administrators can look up recorded and in progress interactions, view contact history, and perform evaluations.


 ice journal



ice Monitor

A dashboard display of real-time information. This tool enables team leads and supervisors to perform simple contact center administration, such as managing queues, rerouting contacts, monitoring user performance, and creating custom alerts that pop up or are emailed.


ice Reports

Provides over 100 in-depth historical reports, equipping you with the data you need to make informed decisions and effectively strategize for the future.


ice BAR

A contact management tool for handling contacts. Using this module, agents can also view queue stats, pick up queued contacts, input reason for call codes, and access CRM information. Team leads and supervisors can silently monitor calls, reroute contacts, and enabling recording as required.


icebar screen 2



ice Workflow Designer

A powerful drag-and-drop graphical editor that makes it easy to design and change processes, based on your changing organizational needs. Using this designer tool, you can create custom applications that support industry-specific business requirements and to integrate your collaboration and communication tools onto one platform. (Watch video)

ice Administrator

The administration portion of the contact center. Administering your contact center has never been easier – add or change user accounts, queues, teams, connection addresses, all on one interface.


 Where can you use ice?

Interactive Voice Response Technical Support Help Desk
Customer Service Telesales Virtual Call Center
Government Finance/Insurance Retail
Technology Outsourcers  

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