The next step for your contact center – video support

Today’s consumers are used to using video

  • 300 million Skype users.
  • 2 billion videos watched each day, on YouTube.
  • 10 million Xbox One consoles sold.
  • 1 out of 5 contact center managers are thinking about video in their contact center.

Companies are always looking for meaningful ways to engage with customers, to attract new customers, to ensure customer needs are met or exceeded, and to keep customer loyalty high.

With so many people used to conversing, collaborating, and learning through video, companies need to think about using it for customer service. According to a Forrester report, 1/5 of contact center managers are planning on adding or upgrading video support – they see that video has huge potential to add value to the service environment.

Features and Benefits of a video channel with ice

ice (Intelligence Communications Exchange) contact center provides companies with the tools they need to fill customer service gaps.

ice is an ACD and Speech IVR with an application development tool that empowers you to build UC CEBP applications, which will transform the way you interact with your customers. Using ice, your organization can reap the benefits of supporting multiple communication channels.

ice now supports Skype, Lync, and Skype for Business calls into the contact center:


  • Customers, partners, and prospects can reach your organization through any device that Skype, Lync, or Skype for Business can run on (smartphones, Xbox One, other mobile devices, or computers)
  • Video calls are distributed using ACD and can be sent through the same workflows as calls, emails, and chats.
  • Supervisors and Administrators can pull in-depth reports on video calls.
  • Supervisors can evaluate video calls from the same browser-based evaluation tool that is used to evaluate all other channels supported in your contact center.

Big picture benefits:

  • Competitive advantage
    • Video calling in the contact center is an innovative concept - supporting it would set your customer service apart from others.
  • PCI-grade security
    • If you have your contact center solution hosted with us, all the customer data that is generated will be in a PCI-compliant data center.
  • Control costs
    • Video enables you to change the way your contact center looks today – either through centralizing resources or supporting mobile workers. Video also decreases travel time and facilitates effective collaboration across multiple locations.
  • Accessibility
    • Because video engages multiple senses, you can provide better customer service to people with impairments.

Applications you can build

We’re not saying you should use video for every interaction – only the ones that would benefit from the added visual element. Here are some ways you can add value to customer experiences using video:

  • Recreate in-store experiences by enabling face to face conversations
  • Make it more convenient for customers, prospects, and partners to reach you
    • Customers can contact you from their living room, using Skype for Xbox One (they can continue gaming while on hold).
    • Customers and partners who are on the go can reach you through Skype, Lync, or Skype for Business
    • Prospective customers can see products prior to purchase
  • Engage internal resources quickly
    • Take calls from people who are close to buying and transfer them to your best resources
    • Connect customers and partners with subject matter experts
    • Give patients access to specialists, using video for diagnosis and follow up sessions
    • Connect experts with locations that are unsafe or difficult to access so they can resolve problems from a safe location
    • Share product expertise in real time
  • Enable people to check into hotels, pick up cars, using a video check in app
  • Play videos to callers while they are on hold
  • Enhance your virtual receptionist

This list can go on. Video applications can enrich the customer experience you provide today.

Excited about video? Technical details about the quality of video we support is available below.

Questions? Send it to us here.

Technical details

  • High quality and scalable video, using industry standard H.264 SVC codec
  • SILK audio codec for balanced audio quality, bandwidth utilization, and power consumption
  • Built in security – enterprise encryption of media and signaling via TLS and SRTP