ComputerTalk is committed to safeguarding customer information with its Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant UC Contact Center cloud, offering unparalleled security for credit card information processing.

Customers purchasing products and services over the phone or online trust the payment system to keep their account information safe. When you are using PCI-DSS compliant systems, you ensure that their information is safely processed, stored, and transmitted.

PCI-DSS compliant vendors follow industry standards developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, which serve to protect customers from identity theft. PCI-DSS compliant solutions decrease the legal, monetary, and reputation risks your business faces when handling transactions over the phone or online, storing account information, and transmitting information for credit card processing.

Contact centers are particularly vulnerable when it comes to meeting payment card industry data security and compliance requirements. When you use ComputerTalk’s UC Contact Center cloud, you are ensuring that your contact center is processing, storing, and transmitting credit card information in a secure environment.

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