LIVE WEBINAR - June 14th, 2017 - 1PM EST: The Contact Center of the Future: Customer Engagement with Facebook
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5 trends driving change in the contact center
The Contact Center of the Future: Customer Engagement with Facebook

Once upon a time, a contact center was a call center. Customer service was provided exclusively over the phone and was considered the ideal way to communicate with customers. At some point, the call center became a contact center. Since then, the definition of a call center has expanded to include email, instant messaging, SMS, and, most recently, social media.

Many businesses understand the value of providing customer service through social media channels. However, these same businesses often lack the expertise to effectively leverage social media tools. These tools are isolated from the contact center, lacking a unified vision between marketing and customer service activities. In order to maximize the effectiveness of social media, it needs to be integrated into the omnichannel customer experience provided via the contact center.

We all know that Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, hosting nearly 2 billion active users, which represents one quarter of the world’s population. Facebook interactions occur by the millions, and many of these interactions slip through the cracks. What if your contact center could monitor thousands of posts, comments and replies? What if your agents could be notified instantly of posts regarding specific keywords or pages? What if you could enable personal conversations with your customers on Facebook without ever leaving the contact center? In this webinar, we are going to discuss the possibilities of using Facebook in the contact center.

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Chris Liko

Chris is a Product Marketing Manager with ComputerTalk. He works closely with the product team to ensure that ComputerTalk remains on the cutting edge of unified communications technology. Chris frequently contributes to blogs and publications discussing the trends affecting the unified communications and contact center industries. As a Product Marketing Manager, Chris understands the importance of the technology trends affecting the industry and works to share that knowledge with the market.

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